Tracker LSI 1.6

Good city driver

48 words

Tracker 2-door LSi 4X4 16-valve 1.6-liter

Simply an awesome little car!!

266 words

Tracker LSI 1.6

Good little trooper

120 words

Tracker 2dr Hardtop 4x4 1.6L Suzuki 4 cylinder

It's fun, quirky, and uncomfortable... but a BLAST to drive!

515 words

Tracker LSI 1.6 fuel injected

I love my Tracker

61 words

Tracker Base 1.6 16v

Great all around vehicle; unstoppable offroad

89 words

Tracker LSI 1.6

Reasonably priced, good on gas, and fun to drive

99 words, 1 comment

Tracker LSI 1.6

Very reliable, and cheap to buy

116 words


Excellent RV tow car

78 words

Tracker LSI 1.6 16v

Great will buy another for the wife

106 words

Tracker Standard 1.6 Liter

Great Little Commuter Car

139 words

Tracker 1.6

Fantastic little car--we love it!!

106 words

Tracker Base 1.6L L4


163 words

Tracker LSi? Four

A Glorified Golf Cart

425 words, 14 comments

Tracker 1.6L

Perfect for a person on the go!!

112 words, 1 comment

Tracker Lsi 4x4 Hardtop 1.5 Gas

Great if you live in a city, not so great for long trips

79 words

Tracker LSi

Cute, reliable car you can't help, but fall in love with..

414 words, 4 comments

Tracker LX 1.7

Should not have been sold to the public

49 words, 2 comments


It's fun, but I wouldn't recommended it

106 words

Tracker 1.6 16v

A great vehicle with good performance

141 words, 3 comments

Tracker Base 1.4L 16v

A good basic SUV

136 words

Tracker 1.6L

Very dependable 4x4

150 words, 1 comment

Tracker LSi

One great little vehicle!

91 words, 1 comment

Tracker 2 Door 4X4 1.7 Liter

Great little 4X4 SUV for the money!

143 words, 2 comments

Tracker 2-Door 1.6 Liter Fuel Injected

Good value for the buck

113 words

Tracker 2 DR. 4X4 convertable

Super fun cheap runner

73 words

Tracker 4X4 2 Door Soft top 1.6

It is a decent find for the price

129 words

Tracker 4x4 1.6

Good bargain for the price

21 words, 28 comments

Tracker 1.6

Great bang for the buck

112 words, 1 comment

Tracker 2 Seater

Wonderful, tiny, SUV

85 words


Buy one!!!

29 words, 1 comment

Tracker 2 dr Soft top

Greatest car I have owned!

75 words

Tracker 1.6 SOHC

Cheap shoddy vehicle

115 words, 7 comments

Tracker normal 1.8 4 cylinder inline

A cheap car that's very well worth the money

137 words

Tracker 4X4 LSi Convertible 1.6 16v SOHC

Very capable off road, cute looks on road

182 words, 1 comment

Tracker 2 door soft top 1.6L

One very reliable car

134 words

Tracker Hardtop 1.6

Get's the job done!!

82 words

Tracker 1.6

Very dependable

48 words

Tracker LSi 1.6

Rugged, reliable, and cute!

45 words, 1 comment

Tracker LSI 4x4 1.6

A lot cheaper and better than the Jeep Cherokee

79 words

Tracker 1.6 four cyl

120 words, 4 comments

Tracker 1500

148 words