Tracker 4-Door LSI 1.6

387 words

Tracker LSI 1.6

It is a fun little car, a great hard worker, and I would buy another one just like it if I could!

199 words

Tracker 1.6

Worst car you can buy

320 words, 1 comment

Tracker Geo LSi 1.6 Liter In Line 4

Fun, economical, slow, trucky and great mini-SUV 4X4

276 words


The best car I have ever bought

98 words

Tracker 1.6L

Versatile, capable, and fun

186 words

Tracker 1.8

Amazing for the price

122 words


Cutest SUV ever made -- if it runs well and still shines, keep it

98 words


This car is great, especially for your first car!

70 words

Tracker lsi

My third one and I love this car because it loves me back

41 words, 2 comments

Tracker V4

Great little car for zipping around town

76 words, 7 comments

Tracker LSI 4 cylinder

Love my Geo Tracker!!

168 words, 4 comments


Well built, great car

110 words

Tracker 2 door 4x4 1.6ltr

This is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned

69 words

Tracker LSI

I got more than my money's worth

72 words, 2 comments

Tracker 4 door

Horrible car, I will never drive another one in my life

133 words, 16 comments



859 words, 5 comments


I think this car is worth the money I invested

78 words

Tracker 2 Door 4X4 Convertible

A very reliable, hardworking vehicle

177 words

Tracker 1.6

I'm 65 and it has been the best car I've owned

27 words

Tracker LSi

A never again purchase

37 words, 5 comments

Tracker 2 dr soft top 4 cylinder 1.3L ???

A genuine treat to run and to own

37 words

Tracker Convertible 1.6

A great commuter car that lets you have fun on the side

121 words, 1 comment

Tracker 4wd 4 cylinder

A good car for a little price

75 words

Tracker 4x4 Convertible 1.6

I love my Tracker!

156 words

Tracker 4X2 5 speed 1.6

Great bang for your buck!

92 words

Tracker 4 door 4 wheel drive 4 cylinder

I wish I could have bought it when it was brand new.

78 words

Tracker Convertible 1.6L

The perfect little rig for me

221 words

Tracker LS 1.6L 4 cylinder

Overall it's a good car

193 words, 1 comment

Tracker 4 door 4 cyclinder

Not worth keeping

76 words, 4 comments

Tracker 1.4 4 cylinder.

Reliable, thrifty and fun for the money

110 words

Tracker LSI 4X4 1.6

Great car, always starts!! Never fails

56 words


It sucks

21 words, 12 comments

Tracker LSi 4d 1.6

A affordable SUV which serves its purpose, however lacking in comfort

21 words

Tracker LSi 4cyl

A bouncy piece of crap

63 words, 7 comments

Tracker 4x4 convertible 1.6L 4cyl

114 words