Jimmy SLE 4.3

It's a great looking car that I can take anywhere

68 words

Jimmy SLT Vortec 6

It is a well built, but has problems

102 words

Jimmy S15

Poor fuel intake system

293 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3L V6

Overall it has been a pretty good truck

68 words

Jimmy S-15 4.3 Vortec

Overall, a very good vehicle!

136 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3

The 1994 is better than the 2005. Jimmy ROCKS!!

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Jimmy V6 Vortec

Jimmy's are absolutely horrible, very slow, breaks down every month

64 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3 litre

Great SUV

258 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3L Vortec V6

I would trade it in for anything else, anyday

255 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3 Liter Vortec

If there was a list of the worst vehicles ever made, the GMC Jimmy would be listed in the top five

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Jimmy SLE 4.3

I love it, but I hate it

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Jimmy SLT 2.3

Great by for someone when I trade it in

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Jimmy SL 4.3 vortec

Good reliable multi-purpose truck!

175 words

Jimmy 4x4 4.3 vortec

I love my truck

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