12th Aug 2005, 00:04

Postscript - I just noticed that when I did the initial review of the vehicle, I put 9/10 for the running cost and the higher the number the cheaper is it. The running cost for this vehicle was 1/10, in other words very high running costs.

Also according to recommendations of dealers and private shops and mechanics and of www.fueleconomy.gov, the vehicle is supposed to run on premium fuel, and if you're extremely lucky, you will only get about 17/21 miles per gallon and the 4x4 model. Due to that, fuel is quite expensive to keep in the vehicle, especially with the gas prices of being anywhere between $2.30/gallon to $3.00/gallon.

8th Jul 2009, 02:57

I own 1994 GMC Jimmy and I love the truck, I have had no problems with it but the normal stuff (plugs wires air filter and tires). You guy just don't take care of your vehicle. Keep to the books and all your cars will be like mine at 301,096 miles.

16th Aug 2009, 21:38

Our 99 Jimmy is hopefully on the way to the trash compactor. After 1000's of dollars of repairs we are taking full advantage of the clunker cash and throwing in the towel on GMC.

This car has been nothing but trouble - anyone who got a GMC Jimmy to 300K with only oil changes must have some magic oil - we did all of that stuff and still it is a bomb.

As painful as it is we will NOT be buying American (until they start making cars people have been asking for for decades)

All I can say is good luck to anybody who gets a 99 Jimmy at this point!

9th Dec 2009, 11:11

I am sorry for all of your troubles. I know it is discouraging, but don't give up on the USA. America makes many good vehicles, the GMC with a 4.3 might not be one of them.

I myself own a 1994 Jimmy, but it is what it is, old, 15 years old. And with anything you use on a daily basis, there will be repairs. How many old foreign cars do you see, and the parts for foreign cars are outrageous if you can even buy them after a few years; when they are done manufacturing a motor or style of a car, the parts are discontinued and if you can find it overseas, I hope it is a light small part as shipping is extremely high.

Thanks for reading what I have to say. Hope I didn't offend anyone. If you live in the USA, then you need to buy from the USA, or who knows what will happen; imagine if everybody bought a foreign car, what kind of shape would that put America into. Thank you god bless you and the USA.

18th Jun 2010, 16:37

Great vehicle! Potent V-6! Very reliable.

Recently repainted mine and added some mods and upgrades! Gorgeous truck! Has 218,000+miles and still runs strong, and I use mine for off roading! Sorry y'all don't take care of your own Jimmys the same! Made in the USA =)

27th Jul 2010, 20:59

I'm 17 and I just got a 94 Jimmy for $500. It was a great deal.

A couple weeks after I bought it, on a fairly long distance trip, it left me stranded, but that was my fault. The distributor cap and rotor needed to be replaced it was an easy fix. Now that I'm back in my home state I replaced the spark plugs and wires along with the oil filter. She sounds great runs great too.

Basically with the Jimmy just look after it well and it'll keep kicking.

My Jimmy has 230,000 miles on it and I love it.

I am however considering investing in an aftermarket suspension, mine's a little bouncy.

17th Nov 2010, 02:40

I've got a 1995 GMC Jimmy SLE with 168K miles on it and it looks and runs absolutely great. Anyone who has a vehicle that's close to 15 years old should expect to invest some $$ in routine maintenance and keep detailed records. I've invested some $3,500+ in parts during the past 10 years, but that pales in comparison to a $400-$500 monthly car payment!

16th Jun 2011, 10:39

Excellent Point :)