1994 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3L Vortec V6 from North America


I would trade it in for anything else, anyday


Had used Jimmy truck for 2 months, Motor Blew because gas and oil were mixing together at 122,000Km.

Heater core, fan motor, battery, and alternator (replace twice in 3 years), all quit at 125,000Km.

Electronic Instrument Panel quitting at 130,000Km. First the odometer then the spedometer won't work, lights begin to dim on all of the panel. Told that it is $1400CD new, or $500CD used.

The O-2 sensor has gone twice in the last 3 years, and my truck bogs back and forth now, for some stupid reason.

I spend $1700 a year to maintain this green beast. I have been t-boned at 60Km, on the driver side of this vehicle and sustained minimum neck injury.

I Love it and I hate it to hell. The back hatch is a pain to get into because of the Tire. No one knows how to fix it right, and the engine has always run rough at an idle. The rust is eating the back door because the Tire rubs up against it when it is open. It eats gas like no tomorrow, and I get scared when it starts to act up because it's usually a $1000.

General Comments:

This Jimmy has cost me an arm and a leg to keep up. I hate the manufacturers of this Jimmy, and if I could do it all over again, I would have walked away from this piece of overall crap. I have spent over $18,000 for a 1994 SLT, and I don't even make that amount in a year.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2005

1994 GMC Jimmy SLE 4.3 Liter Vortec from North America


If there was a list of the worst vehicles ever made, the GMC Jimmy would be listed in the top five


Serpentine belt and belt tensioner at 162,000 miles; cost of $50.

Central port fuel injection assembly replaced at 163,000 miles; cost of $500.

Spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter, fuel filter, PCV valve replaced at 163,500 miles; cost of $100.

Air conditioning vacuumed down and recharged at 163,500 miles.

CPFI assembly, along with IDLE air control valve, fuel pump, and fuel pulsator replaced at 164,000 miles; cost of $500.

Catalytic converter replaced at 164,500 miles.

Headliner beginning to fall down at the windshield.

Driver's seat beginning to tear up.

The muffler is still needing replacement, along with it still has a rough idle, surging, rattling noise from the motor, along with a belt squeal.

Have had 2 oil changes done; one at the same time as the rest of the tune-up, and one when I first bought the vehicle 2 months ago. Entire fuel system has been cleaned. One dealer, 2 private shops, 4 mechanics who work on their own, along with myself and my dad, who know quite a bit about vehicles, have yet to be able to find what's wrong with it now.

General Comments:

The vehicle is extremely slow for a 4.3L Vortec motor. It has been unreliable in the 2 months I have owned it. There are more things that have gone with it, but just don't even have the room or time to go through everything.

The 4.3L Throttle Body Injection motor is fairly good, but the 4.3L Vortec motor on 1995 and older vehicles have proven to be nothing but trouble.

I have owned multiple types of cars, and General Motors vehicles have proven to be nothing but trouble. I will never own another GM again. I feel GM needs to take some hints from foreign car manufacturers on how to build a vehicle. Unless you want a vehicle that is expensive to buy and more expensive to keep on the road, I would not recommend buying it. I am scared to death of driving it for fear of it leaving me stranded again.

I have owned this vehicle for 2 months, and am already looking to sell it, even though I paid 2000 for it and have $2500 in repairs. It's been in the shop more times than I can count. I have only had one other vehicle as bad as this one. I am done with GM vehicles, and probably wouldn't take one if you were to give it to me.

I do regular maintenance myself, and this vehicle was bought off of an individual who bought it brand new (one owner vehicle), and had full maintenance and repair receipts, and he did take care of it per the manufacturer recommendations. He even had about $5,000 worth of repairs he had done.

GMC, when making this vehicle, decided to make a vehicle to leave people stranded once a month. No wonder why every mechanic I have had it to, including dealers, have said they have a 1991-1995 GMC Jimmy and Chevy Blazer with the 4.3L Vortec motor in at least one a week, if not several. It's definitely a mechanic's favorite vehicle, as they can make a living off of repairing them only!

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Review Date: 1st August, 2005

11th Aug 2005, 23:59

Just wanted to let everyone know that after Two Months of owning this vehicle, and spending over $1800 in repairs just to keep it on the road, and still needing another $1000-1500 in repairs to get it running right, I finally traded it in today. Needless to say I am extremely disappointed in the 92-94 GMC Jimmy's and Chevy Blazer's with the 4.3L Vortec Motor.