1994 GMC Jimmy SLE 4.3 from North America


I love it, but I hate it


I replaced the starter when I first got it.

Then the muffler needed replaced.

I put 4 new tires on.

The windows didn't work.

The door locks don't work correctly.

The hatchback has never been opened due to the fact I can't pull it open because of the locking system.

New radiator put in 2 weeks ago.

Now I'm stuck in Massachusetts because a line from the transmission is leaking the fluid out.

General Comments:

I really LOVE this truck.

But it seems as if every time I turn around something is broken or needs fixed.

Is there a "quick fix" to seal off the transmission cooling line?

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Review Date: 14th September, 2004

31st Oct 2004, 01:50

A quick fix for your transmission line.

Cut a patch out of an old inner tube, wrap it around the line 1 time and secure the patch with a hose clamp. Check for leaks.

1994 GMC Jimmy SLT 2.3 from North America


Great by for someone when I trade it in


When the truck was 7-years old (and had 55K miles on it, a frame weld cracked where the outrigger for the lower control arm meets the frame. Although out of warranty, it was repaired at no cost.

The oil cooler hoses have been replaced 3-times. The last time at 66K miles. This time they came apart while driving and had to be towed for the repairs to be made. Again, although out of warranty, it was repaired at no cost.

AC has a slow leak that no one can find. The system has been recharged 3-times with 134a. It lasts all summer (duct temp 43 degrees). But seem to leak out over the winter.

Cat converter failed at 75K miles, as did both O2 sensors. This was on my dime.

Both the front and rear wiper motors failed. Both covered under warranty.

Fuel injector unit failed at 45K miles. Repaired under warranty.

Both front door outer Jimmy trim panels came loose and had to be replaced. Done under warranty.

Rear window hatch release failed. Repaired under warranty.

Of course basic repairs such as front bakes every 20K miles. Only had to replace the rear brakes in 96K miles.

Tuned up every 25K miles. All filters replaced religiously. Trans fluid flushed and coolant flushed and replaced every 30K. All hoses replaced at 50K miles.

Seat at power seat switch torn.

Pint flacking from roof rack.

Alternator at 40 and 75K miles. Both times under warranty or good will adjustment.

General Comments:

Rides rough.

Excess braking effort to stop the truck.

So-so fuel economy.

This truck doesn't owe me a dime!

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Review Date: 29th June, 2004

17th Dec 2005, 19:23

I own a '94 Green, GM Jimmy SLT, 4.3L, V6, 140,000Km and have had nothing, but problems with it, in the 3 years I've owned it.

I had to buy a used motor ($1500CDN) two months after buying the Jimmy for $10,800 used from Gerry Gordon Mazda in Winnipeg. It ended up costing me over $3000CDN to get the work completed.

I was then T-boned a few months after the motor was fixed and the accident caused over $6000CDN in damages, which insurance covered. I found out then that this Green Jimmy has been T-boned on the passenger side, by the previous owner.

I have had to replace every part in this vehicle for it to run. The instrument panel is the newest problem, ohhh, and also the vehicle has begun to bog back and forth while driving, and this is after I've had $1400CDN worth of work done to it in the last month. (Right before Xmas!!!)

I get the oil changed every 5000Km, I had to buy brand new tires, the back hatch had begun to rust because the Tire at the back, always hits it when they are both open. I'm sick of it!!!

I wish Overhaulin' was in Canada because I sure could use Foose's help at this point.