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Jimmy SLE


44 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3 vortec

Great reliable vehicle

175 words

Jimmy 4.3 Vortec

Great value, reliable car

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Jimmy 4.3 litre gas

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Jimmy SLT 3.0

A Jimmy is a nightmare

144 words

Jimmy SLS 4.7 Liter V6

Not the best, but it is not bad either

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Jimmy SLE V6

The GMC Jimmy is not very good

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Jimmy SLT 4.3L

Great all around vehicle

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Jimmy SLT V6

Great vehicle but, a little costly to repair.

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Jimmy SLS 4.3 Liter

The truck needs work

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Jimmy SLT 4.3 Vortec

Get existing service history before buying one of these - you could get a good one, or a lemon.

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Jimmy SLS 4.6 Liter Vortec

My jimmy was an unreliable money pit

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Jimmy SLT 4.3 vortec

The best vehicle I have owned

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Jimmy SLS 4.3 Vortec

All we have done is pretty much drive it, very inexpensive transportation

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Jimmy SLS 4.3 Vortec

A very reliable GM product

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Jimmy SLT 4.7 Vortec

Good vehicle, but too many repairs needed

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Jimmy SLS


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Jimmy LSE

This car was a very expensive lemon

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Jimmy SLE 4.3

Don't buy this vehicle!!

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Jimmy SLS V6

Biggest mistake of my life!!

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Jimmy SLE

The vehicle is a very costly mistake

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Jimmy SLE V6

Nice piece of 4X4 with no ground clearance.

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Jimmy SLS 4.3L

Turning into a lemon

71 words

Jimmy SLS 4.3

Poor quality control

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Jimmy SLE 4.3 V6 gasoline

A great vehicle with marginal quality

146 words

Jimmy SLT

The most unreliable but comfortable item I ever purchased

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