1998 GMC Jimmy SLS 4.7 Liter V6 from North America


Not the best, but it is not bad either


Suspension not as stiff as it should be. Steering in 4 wheel drive not to good. Sucks gas down quickly during normal operation.

General Comments:

The Jimmy is a nice somewhat comfortable SUV.

Needs a bigger gas tank.

Different gear ratio.

Better Location of Controls and Instrument Cluster needs a little work on it.

Suspension needs a bit tweaking.

Steering needs more radius only in 4x4 mode.

More room for the backseats to fold down without having to move the front seats forward.

Other than that it is generally a good SUV.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2006

1998 GMC Jimmy SLE V6 from North America


The GMC Jimmy is not very good


Fuel Pump Regulator went bad.

Alternator needed to be replaced.

Many sensors have had to be replaced.

Something is wrong now that I have to take to the shop on Monday.

General Comments:

The thing falls apart too much. Too many problems. I probably will sell the thing.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2005

1998 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3L from North America


Great all around vehicle


Intake gasket went which drained the coolant into the block.

Water pump failed at the same time.

All due to a bad thermostat.

Had to replace engine $$$.

Passenger seat heater broken.

Replaced recliner on pass seat.

Had to fix brakes and some suspension parts, but that's after 150000.

General Comments:

After all that money I still love it.

Only have had to tow it the one time.

Great acceleration at all speeds for a truck.

Very comfortable interior.

Dash cluster and controls are very easy to use and read.

Lots of cargo room.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2005

1998 GMC Jimmy SLT V6 from North America


Great vehicle but, a little costly to repair.


When I got it the driver's seat had already started to wear.

Three weeks out of the first month that I owned it, the Jimmy was in the shop. The passenger's side floor board kept getting wet. A rubber seal that goes between the air conditioning condensation drain tray and the firewall had a wrinkle in it that allowed water to run down the inside of the firewall.

EGR valve went bad at 37,000 miles.

Had to put a new battery in around 60,000 miles. Previous service history records show it had been replaced at 17,000 miles by the previous owner.

Around 61,000 miles the passenger's side seat recliner handle broke. I bought the part, but still haven't put it on.

New tires all around at 65,000 miles.

At 92,000 miles I had to have ball joints, idler arms - basically the entire front end replaced.

110,000 miles the oil cooler hoses were leaking and had to be replaced.

132,000 miles some of the lights on the AM/FM/Cassette radio burned out.

135,000 miles right front hub assembly had to be replaced when the bearing went out.

150,000 miles alternator went out. It had overcharged the battery and made it leak so I did have to buy a new battery also.

170,000 miles the left front hub assembly had to be replaced.

175,000 miles the front wiper control module went out.

177,000 the fuel pump abruptly died without warning.

178,000 miles new shocks all around.

179,000 miles and time for new tires all around again.

Around 180,000 the rear wiper motor stripped.

183,965 miles and the left front hub assembly had to be replaced again. At the same time I had both ball joints replaced as they were pretty loose.

185,000 miles anti-lock brake wheel speed sensor on the right front started going out. Works part of the time and doesn't part of the time.

General Comments:

Wow, what a ride. I really enjoy driving my Jimmy.

I get 20 miles per gallon with a 50-50 mix of highway and small town driving. When I get out on the four-lane and travel, I average 22 miles per gallon.

It does not burn oil and has no leaks from the engine, transmission, or rear-end.

The wind really beats me up. If it is blowing 20 mph or more I have a real battle to stay between the lines.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2005

9th Nov 2010, 22:23

I'm replying to my own post...

My 1998 Jimmy has 307,000 miles on it now. The only things I've had to do to it since posting the original on 2 April 1995:

Today I had the left front hub assembly replaced. Makes the 3rd one for the left front. The right front hub assembly has been changed 3 times as well.

Bought new tires all around at 298,000 miles. I buy the good ones and they last me many miles. The set that came off had gone on at 179,000 miles. Tread was getting thin, but would still have made good trailer tires.

Some kind of actuator valve went out that activates the 4 wheel drive. It is located under the vehicle about half way down the driver's side.

I changed plugs and wires a couple months ago, had a new fuel pump put in, and had to fix the AC as the compressor went out.

New brakes, taking the original ones off, was done about 286,000 miles. They were just starting to make a little noise when I used them. Still wasn't screeching full time.

Overall, this 1998 Jimmy has been a pretty good car. Considering the miles it has been a dang good car. Still going, doesn't leak fluids, miss, smoke or look like a demolition derby car. I did hit a cow and had to replace the hood, right headlight assembly and right front fender. Held up real well against a big cow in the dark. The exhaust is original and has no leaks. It is not garaged at night and starts every time I turn the key. Wish I could find a new one just off the dealer's lot. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

I have read some reviews, here and elsewhere, related to its low ground clearance. Don't let that fool you. It does not climb over frozen grader piles at the end of the drive, and get high centered like another vehicle I had did. It plows through and keeps going. Of all the 4X4s I have driven, I have to say this has more gut and grunt when called upon than any other I have driven.

28th Jan 2011, 16:25

We have a 1998 Jimmy and just love it. It has been a very reliable vehicle for us. We have had a few minor repairs, but nothing serious. Right now our check engine light came on, but I guess there is a way to shut it off. It came on after we jumped our son's car. We would buy another one when the time comes.

13th Apr 2012, 21:36

Replying to my own post again. Now have 327,000 miles on the old girl. I've replaced the radiator, tires, and the 4x4 actuator since the last post. That's all. The oil cooler hoses are leaking again and I will have to replace them.

Regular oil changes, keeping an eye on all fluid levels, and fixing things when they go wrong before they cause another problem, is the key to keeping any vehicle running and maintenance costs down.

Today I found a 2000 Jimmy SLT that I am seriously considering buying. Yes, I'm still happy with my Jimmy, and yes, I would buy another one.