Accord DX 1.8L

After 21 years, it's easily the best car I have ever owned, it's like a child to me!

498 words

Accord Hatchback

Runs forever

73 words

Accord 1.8L 4-Cylinder

A little car with a lot of heart

58 words

Accord LX 1.8L I4

A zippy reliable car

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Accord 4 door sdn

A high performance bargain

32 words

Accord 1.8

A well-built, extremely reliable, useful car

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Accord 1.8 liter

An incredibly reliable car

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Accord LX

You can't find a more reliable car!

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Accord LX Hatchback 1.8l I4

A cheap race car that's great on gas

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Accord 2.0

A most durable and reliable car in spite of its age

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Accord 1.8 carburetted

Probably the best automotive value of all time

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Accord Hatchback 1.6 I-4

Mine was a one-payment wonder!

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Accord LX 1.6 4-cylinder

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