del Sol S 1.6L D16

del Sol = Fun, reliable, sexy, fuel efficient

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del Sol Si 1.6

Fun to drive and practical too

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del Sol S 1.6L


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del Sol vtec 1.6

I can't wait to convert this to hydrogen power in 7-10 years!

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del Sol S 1.6L OHC

It's the best car I've ever had!

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del Sol Si 1.6

My del Sol is one of my best friends!

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A smile is waiting after every S-Curve

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del Sol Si

This car reminds me every time I drive it why I love Honda's!

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del Sol S 1.6L SOHC

Speed, handling, convertible and Honda. Need I say more?

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del Sol S

The most fun, reliable car I've ever owned

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