1997 Honda del Sol Si 1.6 from North America


Fun to drive and practical too


I needed a new catalytic converter and O2 sensors at 153,000 miles. The mechanic said the catalytic converter was almost totally clogged up.

General Comments:

This is one fun car to drive. This car had 142000 miles on the clock when purchased and it felt like a newer car. I bought it from a used car lot so wasn't expecting much info about the car's history. It must have been well cared for by someone in the past. The interior was perfect, but the body had some dings fixed with bondo and then the car was repainted fairly well. This car is a "poor man's Porsche". Really is lots of fun, like riding in a go cart, acceptable power and great gas mileage. 35 to 37 highway and 30 around town thrashing around corners and zooming about. The removable top doesn't leak and stores in the trunk on a kind of locking frame arrangement that can flip up and still have access to the LARGE trunk. My favorite feature is the electric rear window. My least liked feature was the stupid temporary spare. I had to drive 300 miles on the darned thing one sunday night to get home. Had to do 50 on I-95 as other cars and trucks zoomed by at 80. I ditched that donut spare and got a full size tire which fits in the same place, but now I have a bit of a lump in the trunk floor. No big deal. All in all, this has been one fun little car. Did several 500 mile trips with it and it can get cramped and since the seats are hard, my butt tends to get numb, so frequent stops are necessary after a coupe hours, but it may just be me as I'm 58 and have a bad back anyway. I'm very happy with this little car and plan to keep it.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2006

17th Mar 2007, 13:43

As an update to the above review, I was in an accident with the Del Sol. I was on a rain slick off ramp just a little too fast and the front end started to slip. In a rear wheel drive this would have been no problem, but with the front wheels doing both steering and traction duty, I spun out and hit the inner curb of the ramp and bent wheel suspension components on three wheels. Cost to fix over 2 grand! This car does have it's traction limits! It's still fun to drive. A man's got to know his limits...and the car's limits too!

1997 Honda del Sol S 1.6L from North America




When I purchased the car I had to replace the catalytic converter. This year my a/c when out and had to replace the condenser.

General Comments:

I love the way the car handles and the seats are very comfortable. I am only 4'11" and can actually push the clutch to the floor.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2005

17th Jan 2006, 21:18

I love my car as well. My wife is about 5 foot and has no problem either, but after driving, I must move the seat all the way back just to set down. I have had no problems with my '95 other than having to fill the 10.5 tank about every 500 miles. Mine is a S, with a 1.5l.

1997 Honda del Sol vtec 1.6 from North America


I can't wait to convert this to hydrogen power in 7-10 years!


In my 8 years as the original owner of this car I have never had a single thing go wrong with it. I change my oil every 3,000 mile and I have the car serviced by a Honda certified mechanic at Honda's suggested 7,500 mile intervals.

General Comments:

I lusted after the del sol vtec before I ever bought one. My last car was a Civic Si hatchback and it was a fine little pocket rocket, but this baby... well this fine little swiss watch of a car has exceeded all my expectations.

It's a sheer joy to drive here in Southern California where I laugh at the Hummers and SUVs whose owners have all had to take second jobs to pay their gas bills. Even with the required high test at 2.75 a gallon here my del sol just sips the expensive stuff and still delivers unto me 31 mpg. Sweet!

My top has never leaked and I've never lubed it - perhaps the age long drought here has something to do with that.

The trunk is "ginourmous" - even with the hard top ingeniously stored in its caddy.

The interior has stayed fresh and durable I've even gotten used to the cup holder. Actally, the storage compartment just below the cup holder serves terrifically as a spill basin when I take a corner at high speed with a full cup of Starbucks.

I have yet to see another car on the road I'd rather own and I still enjoy driving my del sol - whether just down the road to the post office or all the way up the California coast to San Francisco.

I may only average 5,000 miles a year on my car,

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Review Date: 29th June, 2005

13th Jun 2006, 06:49

Hey Gaylord Falker, I'm assuming that you drive a gas guzzler by the above comment. Because of your demand for the "good ole' gasoline" you've contributed to the gas prices skyrocketing... just think of the money you could save if you drove a more economical vehicle...wouldn't it be nice???

4th Nov 2008, 19:35

If you ever thinking of selling your car, please let me know know. I am located in Southern Cali myself.