1997 Honda del Sol ESi 1.6L from UK and Ireland


My love affair with my Honda has only just begun


ABS sensor fault.

Missing the convenience of remote central locking.

General Comments:

My del Sol, or as it is known here, CRX. Only had it a week, but the 200+ miles I have put on it in that time have certainly put a smile on my face.

The only problem I have had so far is that the ABS switches off, and the yellow light comes on as soon as I touch the brakes. Having that sorted as I type.

Filled the tank when I collected the car, and haven't been back to the filling station yet; still have just over 1/4 of a tank. So looking good for now. The miles I have done in it so far are mainly "fun ones". Apart from the 90 mile drive back from the garage I bought it from.

I start commuting again next week, 20 miles there and back 4 days a week. So I'll have a better idea of fuel consumption then, as I can't see me doing all of these commuter miles with the roof off; well this is Scotland. Heated seats may just have persuaded me to try though.

It might seem a bit strange that I feel the need to write a review after such a short time, but I am no stranger to Honda, or electric hardtop convertibles (which this one almost is, with its transformer like Transtop roof).

My last car was bought new 5 years ago, a Daihatu Copen, which incidentally I bought after hankering after a CRX and not being able to find a really good one. I couldn't afford a Mercedes SLK, but really liked the idea of a roof something like the Honda Transtop, so the Copen seemed to fit the bill, and did do well as a second car for the last 5 years.

I found CRX on the Internet, in a used car showroom. It looked really good, but was a little far away just to pop in and have a look at. I took a chance though and advertised my own car, selling it online within 10 minutes. To me that was an omen; I contacted the seller of the CRX straight away and practically came to a deal through email, paying a deposit for them to keep the car for me on the proviso that if I didn't like the car on inspection and test drive, my deposit would be refunded.

The journey home from the garage was a blast!! The handling and power are just brilliant, although you really have to use the gearbox to get the best out of it, and the WHAAAAAA from the VTEC when it kicks in is just addictive.

Compared to the Copen, this car is huge! The roof is a little more tricky and a bit slower to put up or down though. As for boot space, it actually has some (loads), even with the roof off, unlike the Copen.

Even the space behind the seats is just perfect for my dogs. A little double sided tape holding on a couple of car mats, and I can take both of them with me on short journeys. I think I'll leave them at home most of the time though, as this car is just too much fun to keep the roof on and the windows up, and much too pretty to get muddy paw marks on or dog hair all over the carpets.

My car is metallic black, the seats are after-market Recaro leather, black with red stitching, as are the gear lever and brake gaiters. The carpets are red with black mats. For a 15 year old car, the paint work polishes up to an almost new look. If it wasn't for those inevitable shopping trolley dings and the previous owner's kerbing of the alloys, it wouldn't be far off mint!

The garage I bought it from repaired the usual rusty bits on the rear arches, serviced (including cam belt), MOT'd and taxed the car as part of the deal, along with a full valet and a new battery.

I have to say that even though it does have over 100K on the clock, this is the best car I have ever driven so far; comfy, fun and pretty fast.

It's quite sad I know, I have had to leave it in the garage today as they are getting a mobile diagnostic technician in first thing in the morning to fix the sensor problem, and I am really missing it!!!

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Review Date: 20th August, 2012

1997 Honda del Sol S 1.6L D16 from North America


del Sol = Fun, reliable, sexy, fuel efficient


Nothing has gone wrong with this car outside of regular maintenance.

However because of neglect from the previous owner, I had to...

Find an in home mechanic to replace the strut assemblies for cheap, and also to replace the brake pads, master cylinder, timing belt, and water pump.

And after that, had to get new tires and get it realigned. I put in about $1000 of work into this car when I first acquired it.

General Comments:

I first bought the car in 2011 for $4000. In perfect cosmetic condition, no stupid after market add-ons whatsoever. However, after I bought it, I discovered the car was improperly lowered, causing me to replace tires more frequently.

Once that hell was over, the del Sol has been amazing to drive and extremely reliable. I made sure I greased the sealants around the T-top to prevent leaking, which it did not leak at all surprisingly.

VERY fun car, and VERY reliable, assuming you take basic care of it. I drove this car like I stole it, and still got 30+ MPG.

Girls like the car, and the trunk is huge. Just please if you are thinking about buying one, DO NOT buy one that has stupid modifications on it.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2012