Element EX 2.4 gas

Best SUV ever. It will not quit!

126 words

Element EX 2.4L

Great utility box that happens to fit a family of 4

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Greatest car I have ever owned!

144 words

Element EX

It is a good, cheap utility car

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Poor safety design

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Element EX


236 words


I like it!

216 words


Mediocre, not worth the money

36 words

Element EX 2.4

Fun, efficient, workhorse

125 words

Element LX

The perfect all in on city car-truck-thing, that looks like boot.

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Good even though class action suit

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52 words

Element EX

The Element is fun and suited for adventure, but so far has not held up to its namesake

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Great utility vehicle. Decent mileage and can get big stuff from Home depot

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Element LX 160 hp gas

Great car faulty windshields

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Element EXS 160hp 2.4 Liter

Pure perfection

102 words

Element EX

37 words

Element EX 2.4 liter 160-hp i-VTEC

I'm very satisfied

47 words

Element EX AWD 4 cylinder

151 words

Element EX-S, AWD 2.4L i-VTEC II

WORTH EVERY PENNY...and then some!

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Element Y AWD 2.3

Better than a gas guzzling american model, but could be better

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Element Y Package - 4WD 2.4L V Tech

A Great SUV

374 words, 10 comments

Element EX 2.4 inline four

An SUV built with common-sense in mind

41 words

Element EX 4 cylinder.

A great little vehicle

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