Fit Sport 1.5

Uncomfortable but practical

286 words

Fit Sport 1.5

Buy it!

24 words

Fit Sport 1.5

Great car, excellent value for the cost

188 words

Fit Sport

Great car for college kids -- super reliable looks good :)

244 words, 1 comment

Fit Base 1.5 Vtec

Great bang for the buck commuter

111 words

Fit S 1.5

Excellent city car!

423 words, 1 comment

Fit Sport

The Fit Sport = True value + guilty fun

122 words

Fit Sport AT 1.5

Great fun, cool looks, cheap cost, great MPG

65 words, 7 comments

Fit Sport MT 1.5L VTEC

Reliable, Fuel Efficient, Fun to Drive!!

108 words, 32 comments

Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC

Good for college students

34 words, 1 comment

Fit Sport 1.5

Honda has made a good start with this model.

199 words, 145 comments

Fit Sport AT 1.5

The most perfect car ever built

97 words

Fit Sport

Excellent engineering, safety and design, but seriously lacks driver comfort

286 words, 69 comments

Fit Sport

It's an awesome car - I'd recommend it to anyone!

152 words, 8 comments

Fit Sport 1.5

Get Fit and Be Happy!!!

421 words

Fit Base 1.5 VTEC

It's a Honda

214 words, 7 comments

Fit Base 1.5 gasoline

Best car for the money so far

21 words, 2 comments

Fit Basic? 1.5L?

Almost the perfect commuter car

170 words

Fit Sport

Hurray for the Honda FIT!

142 words


Quality auto

74 words

Fit Sport AT 1.5 VTEC

It's a over engineered car that is right for our times!

296 words, 3 comments

Fit Sport

An unbelievably economical car that doesn't drive or look like one

88 words, 4 comments

Fit Sport 1.5

Best car produced by Honda

63 words, 12 comments

Fit Sport 1.5L

Wonderful car

92 words