Prelude LX 1.8L

It handles like a rally car.

73 words

Prelude Si 2.0 Fuel Injected

Fast and Fun

128 words, 1 comment

Prelude S 1.8 CCVC Dual Carb

Easy on the eyes and the pocketbook

280 words

Prelude XX 1.8 dual carb

I love this car!

171 words, 1 comment

Prelude S 1.8 Carbureted

Legendary handling, reliable, but needs power

116 words

Prelude 1.8L dual carb

Fun to drive, if you can keep it running

361 words

Prelude 1.8 dual carb

A bargin with a lot of problems

75 words, 1 comment


High initial cost. Holds value well. Built to last

200 words

Prelude 1.8

Performance from the recent past

151 words

Prelude 1.8 2bbl carb

Good buy for a Honda, but a little expensive to repair

82 words

Prelude DX 1.8 dual carb

Very fast, sporty, somewhat cheap, dream car

181 words

Prelude DX 1.2 SOHC

I feel like I got gypped by the previous owner

118 words, 2 comments