Prelude Si 2.1

Not a racer, but it looks fast and is fun to drive

92 words

Prelude Si 2.0

It's a good overall basic car besides the steering configuration

175 words, 1 comment

Prelude Si 2.1

This is a great car for those with little money

81 words, 1 comment

Prelude S 2.0L

True essence of a Honda.

154 words

Prelude 4ws Si 2.1L

The best car in the world

106 words

Prelude S.I. ALB 2.1

Great practical car, that is still fun to drive.

90 words

Prelude S 4 Banger

Fast, Cheap, Reliable

111 words

Prelude SR

A fabulous fun car to own and drive

154 words, 16 comments

Prelude Si 4WS 2.1 DOHC

Sharp, Fast, Nimble, Comfortable, Reliable, Fuel efficient... Need I Say More

105 words

Prelude 2.0S 2.0 4 cylinder

Fast, reliable, stylish transportation

157 words, 6 comments

Prelude Si 2.1 4-cylinder

A reliable and well thought piece of engineering

178 words, 1 comment

Prelude Si 2.1 2.1

A very fun car to drive that never fails to take you where you need to go

319 words

Prelude Si 4WS 2.0

A wonderfully built car from Honda, You will fall in love with this car

79 words

Prelude Si ALB 2.1

High performance, peppy, lots of potential

60 words, 7 comments

Prelude Si 2.1L

An old car with a lot of balls...

108 words, 4 comments