29th May 2006, 20:21

As was mentioned, SR is the Canadian version, and Si is the American version. As for the horsepower (hp), well they vary. If you have the 2.0L Si ('88-'91) then it has 135hp @ 6200rpm. Now, if you have the Si ('90-'91), then it has 140hp @ 5800rpm.

I also read about "oil burning", well, if your Prelude has a "B21A1" engine, then it will at some time, burn oil. This engine was more of an experimental engine from Honda. This engine has to have oil changes every 3,000 kms. I know that it says change the oil every 10,000 kms on the engine sticker, don't go by that. If you want to keep your "B21A1" from burning oil, then do the correct oil changes at 3,000 km intervals.

Lastly, I have a 1990 Honda Prelude SR. She has the infamous B21A1 engine, and she burns some oil. The fact is, I am the 3rd owner of this car and I have done 2 oil changes since I bought her over 2 months ago (just over 255,000 kms). She now has just over 257,000 kms on her and she drives awesome.

I have lots of plans for her, including engine swap, suspension, paint job (she has rust and faded paint), etc. I only paid $1500 for her, and I am glad that I did.

28th Sep 2006, 14:26

That engine is famous for burning oil. Experimental means that the block has reinforced metal for the cylinder walls which makes the rings worn faster. If you change you rings, you'll get another 100000 miles without any problems.

I don't know about the 3000km oil change, but I heard it before. It just doesn't make any sens that it will make that big of a difference now anyway... if you rebuilt your engine, you'll better be off swapping it for the SI STATES engine only available from Japan.

Have fun with that car...

26th Mar 2007, 21:17

My Honda Prelude SR is also burning oil. I have been wondering what to do. Might rebuild the motor; it only has 170 000 kms. But I also know there is this website, www.jdmsource.ca, that has VTEC engines; don't know if they fit in my car?

5th May 2007, 11:19

My '91 Prelude SR needs the clutch and transmission and one CV joint replaced : (and it also burns oil like no other, I go through the 4 litres of oil in 1,000 km it ridiculous.

20th Jul 2007, 22:56

I also have a 1990 Honda Prelude SR, but I haven't had much of a chance to drive it because I haven't gotten it registered yet. I'd like to know a little bit more on this car.

15th Aug 2007, 11:46

I just got a 90 Prelude; it seems very old and has a few bumps cuz the previous owner was in a minor crash, and the engine is at about 180k miles.

The radiator died not long ago, and I am planning on getting it fixed. Does anyone think that it is worth spending a little less than a $1000 to replace the broken parts with such mileage?

I read that the engine can last "forever" if I maintain it, and I have been maintaining it for as long as I can remember, but I doubt it will last when I drive it on a highway... the rpm reaches about 4500 @ 80mph.

8th Nov 2007, 23:21

I have a 90 Prelude SR. I saw in one book that the HP was 125, though, wiki says 140???

Mine also burns oil like the above posters. I always thought I was the only one. It only has 188000km so far. I once went 220km/h with it on the highway, though, doubtful it would do those speeds now. The factory muffler sounded real nice, especially when you started the engine, sadly, that's a thing of the past now, with aftermarket non-performance exhausts. The car has great acceleration, and it always surprises people when they get in it.

I'm putting 10W30, at least once a month. Winter months are worse. My antenna is also stuck. And the little door that hides the buttons for the clock has long been gone, though I still have the door. It is not the 4WS model. It also doent have power locks, though it has everything else, including A/C, which, obviously, has never worked since I bought the car, used.

31st Dec 2007, 23:36

Well I have a 90 Prelude 2.0 SI. And I bought it for $2000. and ended up putting close to $8000 to fix everything that had broke on it. Replaced timing belt, radiator, powersteering pump, alternator, transmission, and muffler. And just a few little things as well. But, now it's starting to make a clacking noise when I start it and even when I was driving it the other day. I'm guessing it's due to low on oil, and I know them engines are good for burning oil. But, I put 2 more quarts of oil to fill it, and the noise got worse, and then the car completely turned off, and was not starting, so I'm guessing something may have broke, I'm not so sure yet tho. Can anyone help me out?

2nd Mar 2008, 11:02

I have a 91 Si b21a1 engine.. yes it's 140-145hp.. mine has 225,000 miles on it.. I bought it for 2,300. Since then I put in:

New radiator


Clutch slave and master cylinder

Fuel pump

Fan relay switch and housing

All new radiator hoses


New distributor cap rotor and wire/plugs

Still needs the timing replaced, and main seal done.. doesn't burn oil, but leaks some 1 quart every 2,500 miles, still needs or sensor and crank angle sensor.

I would still recommend this car.. it's fast, fun and very reliable!

Esp the 5 speed manual.. BTW the b21a is the fastest stock engine in the 3rd gen Si models..

4th Jun 2009, 15:47

Well if anyone's read about the above 3000km oil change, I don't know about that, I don't do it, I just get a really good oil filter. It wouldn't hurt, but what happens is the cylinder walls eat up the rings so you get oil in the combustion chamber, these motors are also good for valve stem seals I've heard.

I have a 91 Si b21a1, love it, but it goes through a couple quarts of oil every couple hundred miles. I've heard re-ringing the motor helps a lot. I'm doing that and replacing my valve seals this summer.

28th Jun 2009, 16:54

Hey I have a 1990 prelude SR with 250 000kms on it, although I have had a swapped engine put in it still burns oil, probably a quart every 1000kms, not bad but not good. The car is very nice, no problems except usual wear out, clutch cylinder, brake master, alternator. and a regular tune up, I change the oil every 2 months, it goes pretty black after not too long of driving it, the best thing about this car is the handling, even withought the 4ws it handles like no other car of that year or price. happy driving!

11th Oct 2009, 08:09

I would like to know what they mean when they say: special wheels? And also, my friend's is for sale if ever someone is interested. (1992 SR, super good condition)

4th Jan 2010, 18:24

There was no 92 Prelude SR.

3rd Feb 2010, 01:32

I just purchased my 1990 white with white factory alloy Prelude Si with the B21A1 140hp stock horsepower motor. I had just recently put a rear motor mount in. It was not exactly the right one, so me and my dad had to do so fab work on it. Do not order certain parts for this kind of car online. Go to a parts store. So far it is a very nice car."Made in Japan".