1990 Honda Prelude SR 2.1 I4 (B21A1) from North America


My love for it is as undying as the car itself


Absolutely nothing for mine, however there are a few things worth noting;

If you own the B21 model, it WILL eventually burn oil if it hasn't started already. This usually starts around the 200,000km mark. There are a few options for that issue, which is caused by pistons getting worn by the reinforced engine block.

The first, being the most affordable in the long run, is to remake the piston heads. A bit costly, but done right will add about 100,000km before the engine starts burning oil again.

The second one being to swap the engine. While costly and more work than simply redoing the pistons, a swap can be the thing you need to fall in love with the vehicle again. My personal recommendations are the H22 if you like naturally aspirated, and the F20 if you want a turbo.

The third option, of course, is to ignore the oil burning.

A good way to extend the engine's life is to change oil between 3000-5000km, and to avoid revving over 7000rpm.

Other than that, it's the typical wear of a 90s Honda; most have rust, and most have over 200,000km on the engine, but they're Hondas, and they'll last forever if you treat em nice.

General Comments:

This car is all the fun Honda had to offer in the early 90s!

The SR (Si in the US) I own has the B21 engine with a remade head, putting out 140hp, which isn't bad at all for a late 80s entry-level sports car.

It has 4 seats, which is really just 2 seats and a shelf for your stuff, because to be comfortable when you're tall, you have to sacrifice legroom at the back. Otherwise, the driver's seat is a fully adjustable bucket seat!

The car is somewhat small; taller people will have their head touching the roof and a hard time getting in.

The car handles exceptionally, is very responsive and nimble, which surprised me at first. With about 12 inches of clearance between the road and the car, it's very low and the suspension is rather stiff, which gives the car a sportier feeling.

The car comes with a sunroof, which makes it a very nice summer car.

It's somewhat fuel-efficient (for a 1990 model), costing me $60 to refuel and a full tank lasting me 400-500km.

All in all, the car may be old, but its styling and those gorgeous pop-up headlights will still make heads turn, and its FWD is what makes it so fun to drive. I fell in love the first time I saw one, and now I fall in love every time I sit in mine! If you treat it well, the car will last longer than you will.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2018

1990 Honda Prelude Si 2.1 from North America


Not a racer, but it looks fast and is fun to drive


Exhaust leak, timing belt broke, replaced bent valves. Replaced and engine runs like new again.

Change belt and tensioner pulley every 60000 miles or pay the price.

Change oil every 4000 or it will start burning oil.

General Comments:

A reliable fun car as long as you keep up on routine maintenance.

High revving car - could use taller gears for 5th gear.

Around 30 mpg.

I'm tall and there's plenty of room. No back seat room unless for little children.

The car holds up well for a import as far as rust goes.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2009

1990 Honda Prelude SE 4ws 2.016 valve from UK and Ireland


Very good



General Comments:

Handles very well, sporty, however short of leg room in the back seats.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2008

1990 Honda Prelude Si 4WS 2 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


Like a big go-kart, but with comfier seats!


Developed exhaust rattle around 195,000 K's ($30 fix)

General Comments:

This car is 100 percent a drivers car. You just have to sit in it and start driving it to know this. I have owned mine for two years and still fall in love with it more each day. I receive a lot of compliments on it, too.

If you really enjoy driving, but have a limited budget, this car is an excellent choice. Even with my lead-foot driving style, I get 9 liters to 100km. Consumable parts cost the same as for any other car (belts, filters etc.), but major parts cost more. Due to excellent build quality however, these are rarely needed. The only car I would consider to replace this one is the Honda S2000.

I would not recommend this car to you if:

-you are too tall to comfortably fit inside

-you have difficulty getting in and out due to how low it is

-you need to regularly take more than one passenger

-you need to carry large items in the boot (entry is a bit small).

If none of the above are a problem, go for it!

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Review Date: 25th January, 2008