1990 Honda Prelude Si 2.0 from North America


It's a good overall basic car besides the steering configuration


Well, I first bought the car last year, and I thought it was perfect. But everything on the car just started breaking. So we spent $6,000 just to fix the basic parts, needed new radiator, powersteering, new tires, inspection, A/C, muffler, etc.

General Comments:

I just got it out of the shop a day ago, we asked them to fix whatever they can. The transmission was slipping from 1st to 2nd before we took it to the shop. And, now it doesn't, it has new everything, except there's something missing. I'm not totally sure what it is, I'm guessing either the CV joints, or boots. Everytime I make a left turn, there's a clicking noise that happens while taking the turn, and just started making the noise the entire time I drive it, so I can tell it's getting worse. Can anyone tell what that is? How to fix it? so I won't have to worry about it. But, besides that, the car is great. Just has a steering problem. Can anyone help me out on this?

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Review Date: 25th August, 2007

27th Aug 2007, 19:30

I would say that it is possibly a CV joint. That's what I've always heard from people when a front-wheel-drive makes a noise like that. I've been in a couple of cars that were doing that and remember asking a local mechanic once a few years ago.

To be sure, however, you could maybe ask someone you know whose a mechanic or at least mechanically- minded.

Hope it goes well, and "have a nice day"

1990 Honda Prelude Si4WS 2.0 2BA6 from Australia and New Zealand


Quick, reliable fun - a great cure for mid-life crisis


S4 indicator showed shortly after I bought the car. Check of the Trans Control Unit showed a selector position fault (?) but I fixed the problem by cleaning the under-hood connectors.

No other faults.

General Comments:

I bought this car as a second vehicle to supplement my motorcycle (a 1990 Honda VFR750). I wanted a car that had character and was a little more sporty than the locally built Fords and Holdens (GM). After much research I settled on a white 1990 Honda Prelude with 220,000km. on the odometer.

This car has not disappointed. While being no Ferrari, it easily keeps up with the traffic, is great fun to drive, has all the creature comforts like cruise, electric windows, electric sunroof (I love this). 4 wheel steer makes it a breeze to park and manoever and the handling is fabulous.

Fuel economy is quite good at 20mpg in the city and 26mpg on the highway. It cruises comfortably at 120kph (75mph)

4 wheel discs make for effective braking although the addition of ABS would make it complete.

Overall, this car is the complete package.

The suspension is a tad hard, but fits well with a luxury sports car like the prelude. If I want a plush ride, I can always take my wife's Commodore for a drive. Not nearly as much fun as the Honda. I love this car!

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Review Date: 20th May, 2006

1990 Honda Prelude Si 2.1 from North America


This is a great car for those with little money


It burns quite a bit of oil, and has since I purchased it at 234,000 mi.

General Comments:

This car is very quick and handles beautifully! It just passed 250,000 miles. and other than burning oil, it runs like a top. What can you expect from a car that has driven to the moon? I would recommend this car to anyone looking for some cheap performance. However, it is a little cramped on space, as it only seats four, and not very comfortably.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2006

3rd Sep 2008, 00:10

How much oil are you burning?

1990 Honda Prelude S 2.0L from North America


True essence of a Honda.


Timing belt was replaced when I first purchased the car.

Alternator was replaced.

Small scratches on rear bumper.

Small patch of surface rust by windshield.

After market parts are hard to find and are usually expensive.

General Comments:

My prelude was my first car.

Although it has high kilometres, it runs like a dream and doesn't burn oil.

The car is amazing. It hugs corners and is quite peppy. Tends to guzzle a fair bit of gas when you stomp on the accelerator, but it's not a disappointing ride.

It is short-geared and revs a little high, but it gives it a true sports car feel. The transmission feels nice and tight. Shifting is easy and precise.

The only spots of rust is a small patch near the top of the windshield. Easily fixed with some sanding and Bondo.

I had plans to go far with this car, until I got into an accident with it.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2006