Prelude VTEC 2.2

A great little car if you want quickness

65 words

Prelude Si 2.3L I-4

A sublime road-carving instrument with a couple of design quirks

242 words

Prelude Si 2.3

I'll be so lucky to find another car like my '93 Prelude

143 words

Prelude VTEC 4 cylinder 2.2L VTEC

It is the best car for its class and price

123 words, 4 comments

Prelude Si 2.3L

Nice looking car with average performance

83 words

Prelude Si 4WS 2.3L

Very frustrating to fix

184 words, 5 comments

Prelude Si 2.3 Non Vtec

Reliable if well maintained, not the most exhilirating

282 words, 4 comments

Prelude 2.2 liter SOHC

The Honda Prelude is the best!

101 words

Prelude SR 4 speed

Time consuming and expensive

207 words, 2 comments

Prelude Si 2.3L In-Line 4

Classic in its own way

275 words, 1 comment

Prelude SR 2.3 DOHC

High performance and great handling

47 words, 1 comment

Prelude Si 2.3 liter

A real pleasure to drive

72 words

Prelude Si 2.3L I-4

Nice performance and high reliability at a reasonable price

342 words

Prelude VTEC

Fun car!!

21 words

Prelude Si 4ws 2.3

A dream car in disguise

81 words, 5 comments

Prelude Si 2.3 DOHC

...don't get one

52 words

Prelude Si H23A1

Very Nice Buy

80 words, 5 comments

Prelude Si 4ws 2.3L

$3200 for the style!

91 words, 2 comments

Prelude VTEC 2.2L 4CYL

62 words, 56 comments