Prelude Si 2.3L

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Prelude SR-V 2.2L VTEC (H22A1)

A Timeless Honda

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Prelude Si 2.3

Very upsetting, totally disappointed, and screwed

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Prelude VTEC


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Prelude Si

Nice looking small sports car with the Honda name and reputation

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Prelude Si 4 cylinder. 2.3L DOHC

VERY reliable if taken good car of... stay ontop of everything

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Prelude VTEC 2.2L

If I could go back, I would buy my Prelude all over again

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Prelude Si 2.3L DOHC

Torque 'n Style

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Prelude Si VTEC 2.2L DOHC vtec

The PERFECT balance of performance and reliability

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Prelude SE 2.3 liter


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Prelude Special Edition 2.3 L

The perfect front wheel drive sports coupe

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