1995 Honda Prelude Si 2.3L from North America


No Reverse - Dropped the clutch hard & went to reverse out of my driveway the other day, and reverse would not engage. (HOW TO FIX IT) I had someone push my car backwards while trying to get it to engage into reverse. Once it catches, repeat the steps a few time & it should work.

Revving up & down (RPM) - Once the car started & was warm, the car would idle from 700 RPM to start revving to 2500 RPM back & forth. (HOW TO FIX IT) Replaced fast idle control valve; easy fix.

The car burns oil.

Burns premium gas.

Sunroof rattles while open.

General Comments:


This car is fun! Back seats are for looks, really no space. Seats are comfortable, Electronic dash, Quick on acceleration! Car gets looks from others, sporty.

Would recommend this car for someone looking for a reliable, fast car.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2012

1995 Honda Prelude SR-V 2.2L VTEC (H22A1) from North America


A Timeless Honda


Driver's seat heater did not work when I purchased the car. Not a big deal for me though.

Car battery had to be replaced at ~ 215,000 km.

General Comments:

I bought the car @ 200,000 km, and I addressed every possible maintenance item just for piece of mind.

Changed the timing belt, balance belt, water pump, automatic tensioner (a ~$225 part from Honda).

Mounted 4 new tires, and had a four wheel alignment done.

Replaced all 4 rotors and brake pads.

Drained and re-filled the following fluids: transmission oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, & coolant.

And of course threw in a nice stereo system :)

After performing all of the above, I've done nothing but regular oil changes every 5,000 km.

This car has been a dream to own. It's fun to drive, not too bad on gas, and it just looks great!

I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants a highly reliable and stylish car with a bit of kick @ 4900 RPM+! ;)

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Review Date: 16th March, 2011

28th Jul 2013, 21:47

I am the original poster of this review.

As an update - I sold the vehicle earlier this year, because all good things must come to an end.

No, the Prelude did not fail me once.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years and 56,000 km with it, but it was simply time to move into a newer vehicle.

Hands down the best vehicle from the 90's that I have owned in terms of fun, reliability and economy.

I sold it in much better shape than I had purchased it in. I can only hope that the current owner enjoys it as much as I did.

Kudos to Honda for building one marvelous machine.

1995 Honda Prelude Si 2.3 from North America


Very upsetting, totally disappointed, and screwed


Two brake calipers.

One CV axle.

Two brakes.

Roof leaks, and isn't rusted, and isn't around the windows.

Steering wheel is crooked.

Would not start below 25 degrees.

ABS light always on.

Steering wheel would vibrate on highway; annoyingly.

Blown speakers.

Car finally threw a timing belt prematurely at 63k miles, leaving me with the loan that I've been paying on since the summer time. Car threw it 27k miles early, and since it's an interference motor, it trashed the head and pistons.

General Comments:

This is undoubtedly one of the most unreliable vehicles I've ever heard of, and I had to be the one who bought it.

The car looks nice at least, parked in the driveway of my friend's house with the passenger's window down. Oh yeah, the passenger's window motor burnt out too. I mean seriously, if Honda was so on point, why are most of the motors they build the interference motors? You'd think they'd have it figured out that if a water pump they designed froze and snapped the belt, that the pistons wouldn't destroy the head.

Total loss, total downer, I'm so disappointed in Honda and will never buy another one as long as I live. Unbelievably upset about it.

I'm paying a loan on a car that cost over 2 grand to fix something that shouldn't have broken. Thank you Honda, I can't get approved for a loan and I owe $4600 on this piece. Thank you so much for your support Honda of America!

Since this happened, I bought a Subaru Outback that blew a head gasket. Then I bought a Ford Escort and the transmission seized on it.

Just two days ago, I bought an 88 Silverado from a friend for 700 bucks. All of this has happened in the last 6 months. I'm desperate and have been getting my tail handed to me, and don't have anyone to help me any more, going through divorce, and have drained my bank account on buying cars to get me to work.

Thanks Honda, worst thing that I've ever signed my name on.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2009

27th Dec 2009, 15:10

Man that's terrible.. you're just not having the best of luck with cars. I hate to say it, but the $700 Silverado is probably gonna end up being the most reliable out of all of them. I myself go to the impound/police/abandoned auctions and buy all my cars for a few hundred to 1000 bucks at most, so if they crap out it's no big deal, I just go get another one. Plus it's fun. Maybe give it a try? Just make sure you inspect the car VERY thoroughly before bidding! Hope things get better for ya.

4th May 2010, 13:45

Alright, so I've got a boyfriend who bought me a rebuilt head for this car, and I used the Honda service manual to put it on. I think it's all right except for putting on the new timing belt. I've managed to put it on 3 times struggling over a week period, because I'm not strong enough, and each time the crank wouldn't completely crank over. I've got my hair dirty, my nails dirty, gasoline in my eyes, and enough cuts on my fingers to tell the story.

Eventually one day I just snapped and sledgehammered the side of the car, and took a crowbar to the engine. Now I just throw garbage at the car when I walk past it nearly daily. Pretty much whatever I feel like throwing at it on hand: Oil, antifreeze, soda, cheeseburgers, french fries, ketchup, whatever, windshield is cracked, it'll never pass inspection.

I still owe $3600 on it, it died at 63k. Honda Quality =)

My truck has died too if anyone was interested.

Thankfully I was finally confirmed for a loan and bought myself another Mustang, and now I get to work just fine in a Ford product. I've owned 7 Mustangs, and only 1 of them was junk.

So yeah, under a little bit of stress and paying over $300 dollars on car loans and over $200 a month on insurance, a very angry Honda consumer I am. I hate your products Honda, you totally screwed me over.