1995 Honda Prelude VTEC from North America




Clutch went out at about 125k miles and had defective bolts. One CV joint; One muffler. Not bad for the mileage. You have to babysit auto repair shops as they can easily order a part for the standard Prelude, not the VTEC. Some body and interior hardware has broken.

Not having protection on the sides of the body make it very easy to ding up in a parking lot.

General Comments:

This is the best car I've ever owned. Very fast but not necessarily off the line. Handling is spectacular. My front brakes lasted 175k miles. Still have the rear @ 260k miles. Mileage is between 24 and 27 mpg and I can use regular versus premium. Forget using the back seat for adults but it was not designed as a 4 seater.

If you are looking for a good used and fast vehicle find a good VTEC Prelude from a dry state like AZ or Texas that hasn't been souped up.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2008

1995 Honda Prelude Si from North America


Nice looking small sports car with the Honda name and reputation


I have had this car for almost a year and a half. Nothing really has gone wrong with it except the top hose for the radiator burst about 5 months ago, but this was easily replaced and cheap. I've recently had a burning smell coming from under the hood. It isn't too serious and I have been told it is a leak of some kind. I will be getting that checked out next week. Other than that, nothing has gone wrong with the car since I got it. The paint on the spoiler has been chipping pretty bad, but that's not the car's fault.

I had a tune up a few months ago and all belts were replaced.

The car vibrates when idle, but not when in park. This isn't too big a deal to me though.

Gas gage is off. It shows the tank to be full for a few days without going down, but then it could go down 2 bars the very next day.

Sunroof rattles, but you hardly notice it when listening to music.

General Comments:

This car is much faster than the '94 Civic I had before this. Outside of the car keeps up with looks of cars today even though it is 12 years old. I love the interior dash and its unique look.

Front seats are very comfortable, the back seats though are not intended for people to sit. I keep my dog back there on car rides.

Trunk size is very adequate for a car of this size. I removed the 5 disc Alpine CD changer it came with. I replaced the sound system, which was really bad, with my own Pioneer mp3/cd deck with all new speakers. The original speakers were blown.

Having only one cup holder is a problem sometimes.

Glove compartment can only fit the owner's manual and nothing else.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2007

1995 Honda Prelude Si 4 cylinder. 2.3L DOHC from North America


VERY reliable if taken good car of... stay ontop of everything


Bought this car as my first car during HS, (3rd owner)... put $1200 in maintenance in it the day I got it to get everything to par... radiator was replaced ($550), did the timing belt and water pump ($600), as well as all belts all fluids. Since the initial purchase costs of the car and repairs... I have replaced both CV Boots, brake rotors and pads, tires, master cylinder in the brakes, and the auxiliary fan, as well as the radio speakers (blown). I've also added Free-on to the AC system (1) and done the spark plugs (2)

The people who owned the car before me said they had done nothing, but change oil/fluids... and well... things break on 80-115k mileage cars^^

This car has been VERY reliable... always started, never acts funny, idles fine, EXCELLENT HIGHWAY CAR and still has about the same power and drive from the first day I got it.

General Comments:

If you treat a HONDA right... it will treat you right... I have loved driving this car... with the 140 HP stock, it has PLENTY of acceleration and speed... I've gone over 100MPH in it... if you're a bigger person.. you might have trouble gettin in and out of the car because its so low to the ground.

I would probably reccommend a Civic, insead of a prelude... because my car is more expensive to fix than a civic, simply because there are thousands more civics than preludes! ( (PLUS-- preludes take PREMIUM GAS ONLY) ) -- Its worth the extra.20 per gal... runs better... AND better on the engine.

It's look for a 1995 is still good... nice body... and agressive look. The electronic Gauges inside are nice... people comment if they've never been in a 92-96 prelude.

There is virtually no backseat terrible car to have if you have kids (No Room)... just enough room to throw books...clothes, ETC... I have only had people in the back seat on a RARE occasion.. because I have to move my seat all the way up.. and hump the steering wheel colmn in order for them to put their legs 1/2 way down... you could fit someone in the right rear seat if there were 2 tiny passengers.

I like the size of it, although it doesn't have 4wd, or much of a back seat, and is very small compared to others on the road...

I've dodged MANY accidents due to its sporty suspension and AMAZING handling in turns and in quick decisions!!!

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2007