Accent Base 1.5L SOHC

It's cheap, and will hold up if you take care of it!

200 words

Accent Hatch stock

A cheap, reliable manual hatchback

232 words

Accent GL

Would not buy again!

101 words, 1 comment

Accent L 4 cylinder.

Great bargain

37 words

Accent GL 1.5L

A waste of time and money

175 words


OK purchase, but won't be repeated

111 words

Accent GS 1.5

A quality car for a small price

122 words

Accent GS Not sure

I wouldn't buy a new one if Hyundai were the last car manufacturer on earth.

262 words, 3 comments

Accent GL

Shoot me if I ever do this again!!!

271 words, 2 comments

Accent GL 1.5 SOHC 95hp

The car of a thousand noises

369 words, 3 comments

Accent Sedan GL 1.5 SOHC

A good car if you plan to steal one and drive it for 2 years

248 words, 5 comments


Although inexpensive and carries a substantial warrany, aggravation is immeasurable

158 words, 1 comment

Accent GL

252 words, 13 comments

Accent GL 4 Cyl.

This car is a headache

61 words, 10 comments