Accent LX 1.6

A very dependable cheap car

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Accent GS 1.6L I4

The Accent is a great dea considering the low price, and has been a very reliable and fun car for me

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Accent L 1.6L

Amazing sub-compact!

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The car itself is okay

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Accent 1.6L

A decent, simple, basic little vehicle

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Accent GL 1.6L

This is a very cost effective means of transportation, probably the most cost effective

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Accent GL 1.6L

You are not spending outrageous money, so don't expect miracles; a nice commuter car

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Accent Base model hatchback 1.6 4 cylinder gasoline

An excellent economy car

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Accent Base model 1.6 liter gasoline

Nice little compact car

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Accent GS 1.6 liter

Pleases more than the money paid and hope there will be no regrets

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