2008 Hyundai Accent LX 1.6 from North America


A very dependable cheap car


Random misfires (coil packs).

Stubborn alignment issues.

General Comments:

This car is generally very dependable. It needs some exhaust work and maybe a brake job soon, but that's it so far, I never worry about whether I'm going to get there.

I don't care for the noisiness of the car's engine or how sluggish the performance is.

I noticed there weren't a lot of higher miles reviews on this car, and thought I'd add mine.

I did have to change a belt so far, and umm, did I mention coil packs?

Wow, this car is amazing, I had already sank 2 grand in my Plymouth minivan by this mileage...

The local dealership has some useless staff, so I stay out of there unless I need a part I can't get anywhere else, so that was once for some filter by the gas tank filler cap.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2015

2008 Hyundai Accent GS 1.6L I4 from North America


The Accent is a great dea considering the low price, and has been a very reliable and fun car for me


I just had to recently replace the battery after 2 years. The dealer told me the stock battery only has a one year warranty. No big deal.

About six months ago (around 45-50,000 miles), my check engine light came on, so I took the car into the dealer, and they said I had a bad ignition coil. It was replaced for free under warranty, and I was back on the road within a few hours.

The brake light switch stopped working, and had to be replaced. The dealer was very nice; I bought the part from them for $8, and they installed it for free.

Have had to replace two taillight bulbs and one headlight bulb, but that is to be expected. Again, not a big deal along with other maintenance items like spark plugs and air filters.

General Comments:

The Accent looks small on the outside, but has a good bit of room inside. Even the back seat, once you get back in the seat, has enough room for an average size adult to stretch out. No problems with head or leg room.

The driver's seat has an armrest that I have never used, as it just seems to get in the way with my manual transmission.

The hatch is big enough to hold a decent amount of cargo, and the back seats fold down as well. I have hauled an old 32" TV around in the back with no problems.

Driving the Accent is easy and fun. The transmission shifts smoothly, and I like that it is the Euro style gears with the Reverse on the left.

AC works awesome for hot southern summers; cools down fast, and no sign of needing a recharge yet.

One of the best factory stereos I have ever heard also. You get a 6 speaker stereo with CD player and XM built in, with a nice size screen for the XM.

The car gets very good gas mileage. Having the AC on does cut the mileage down a great deal, almost to 25mpg city down from the usual 35mpg or 40+ on the highway. Just something to watch out for. Once it's not over 100 degrees outside, I won't leave it on all the time.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2010

2008 Hyundai Accent L 1.6L from North America


Amazing sub-compact!


Nothing that was a fault of the car itself.

Had aftermarket power door locks installed that stopped functioning and were fixed under the installers warranty.

General Comments:

I purchased the car when I was attending my first year of university. I thought that it would be a great way to reward myself for getting in, and not to mention, with 15000 kms it would last until I graduated. The car was amazing, I never did anything to it above regular maintenance (I wish I could have said that about my Alero).

Overall there were a few key features that made the car more livable in the daily grind. The tilting front seat made it so that everybody finds a comfortable position. The general layout of the interior is very ergonomic, everyone seemed to enjoy that everything was exactly where you would predict it to be.

The hatchback design is also a very practical use of space. With the back seats folded, I was moving to a city 4 hours away, and the car fit everything I needed with the exception of furniture (and I have a lot of stuff... Too much in fact) this was extremely impressive. There is also more room than people predict; it's almost humorous to see when 2 passengers get in, and the front seat person moves way up and the person in the back stretches out as if in a Lazy Boy!

I have sold the car and miss this cute little run-about! It was extremely fuel efficient, I achieved the Canadian 5.9l/100km highway fuel rating while doing 130km/h (needless to say that dropped my jaw when I saw that, and have to recalculate it 5 times since it was 3 people with luggage stuffed in every inch of available space!) It was also a very comfortable highway car, and this is the one shortcoming of the Accent.. No Cruise.

Overall, I would by another Accent if my new Tiburon were to ever have a problem.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2010