2008 Hyundai Accent from North America


The car itself is okay


Car came with a defective, frayed seat belt. Dealer said it was not a manufacturer defect and wouldn't fix it. They claimed a car seat did it, but we don't have small children and have never used the rear of the car. My husband and I are the only people who drive in the car.

General Comments:

The car is not bad for the price, but it has poor pick up. It revs pretty high, so it doesn't get as good gas mileage as my old Honda Civic.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2009

14th Nov 2009, 00:28

Seat belts are supposed to be covered for life of the car. Warranty is just trying to come up with an excuse, so that they can get away with having to pay for their broken belt!

2008 Hyundai Accent 1.6L from North America


A decent, simple, basic little vehicle


CD player has a very cheap feel & poor function.

The auto trans is a slush box.

Poor fuel economy for segment.

General Comments:

Generally a sturdy, dependable (and, if the quality rankings are to be believed, long lasting) solid vehicle.

The 1.6L DOHC engine produces adequate power (with 1-2 people and a little stuff - load this thing down and be prepared to wallow), though much of this is lost in the automatic trans (the shifts aren't bad, but this unit hunts for gears in any sort of hustle, 3 and 4 are too far apart in my opinion, 3 doesn't even hold speed on hills, to get any real "go" you have to kick it down to 2nd where it revs guite high).

Engine noise isn't too bad (nor vibration), but can get a little buzzy at high RPM (it is an econo after all). A manual would likely make a big difference.

Handling is good, with a firm (approaching stiff) ride and tight predictable, handling (surprisingly good handling for what one would expect from an Accent). Steering feel is sure and responsive. The vehicle, because it is tall and short (wheelbase), can get blown around a bit on the highway (though it's not awful).

The seats are firm, but not uncomfortable, and the driving position/visibility is very good. The seat fabric is okay (it feels somewhat "starchy" and tough). The heights of the seats are nice as you "get into" as opposed to "get down into" the car.

The controls are well laid out and feel substantial. That said, the CD player isn't very good (the sound quality is okay, but the actual unit is clumsy, primitive, and cheap feeling), and the whole interior is plastic. It is a durable feeling, "heavy touch" (as opposed to cheap) type feeling plastic (except for the audio controls) in two tone (so it's not too ugly). A little soft touch someplace would have been nice.

The dash dimmer switch doesn't control the CD display as well as the gear selector window (and they blare).

The cup holders are good (it's surprising who can't make a decent cup holder), and the fold down armrest in the back (with cup holder) is a nice standard feature.

The seats fold down (which is nice), but have no lock (not nice). The trunk is a good size and the whole interior, for all the plastic, is surprisingly quiet (I hate to say it, but more so than my 2003 Civic - the car is still quite new mind you), with no rattles, expect in the cold (-20 C).

As well (a small thing) the signal lights are super bright, which is a good thing until you make them blink with the key fob. I think the whole street knows when I leave for work.

Though definitely "no frills", the car does feel solid (good build quality) and clings to the road nicely with very little wander.

Gas mileage though, is poor (in roughly 50/50 city/highway I averaged 8.25-9L/100 Km - my Civic 1.7L returned 6.5-7.25 with more power), and in my opinion, the tank is too small (45 L), thus giving it a very low/med average range (so don't pass any gas stations when the needle is @ 1/2).

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Review Date: 27th February, 2009