1997 Hyundai Elantra reviews from North America

Elantra Wagon 1.8 DOHC

Economical and reliable, sporty handling

193 words

Elantra Sedan

Worthless pile of nothing!

Elantra 1.8L

The Hyundai Elantra far exceeded my expectations

130 words

Elantra SE Wagon 1.8L

An unbeatable car in all aspects!

416 words

Elantra 1.8 Liter DOHC 16v

I wouldn't buy another Hyundai based off this car

62 words


Fun to drive, but will Shanghai you with unexpected big repair bills which Hyundai will not help pay

Elantra Base 1.8 Litre 16v DOHC

Definitely the best bang for your buck, by far

222 words

Elantra SE 1.8 DOHC

36 words, 2 comments

Elantra 1.8L 16v DOHC

More smiles per dollar than any other car

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Elantra Wagon

A dangerous car, catches fire

Elantra GLS 1.8

I love it

85 words


Better off buying a bus ticket

Elantra GLS 1.8L Dual Over Head Cam

Overall a awesome deal

94 words

Elantra 1.8L

Dare I say Hyundai's comparable to Toyota and Honda?

139 words


This car is sour like a lemon!

Elantra GLS

I love this car!


The car was a bad bargain and I will never recommend buying a Hyundai


A cheap yet expensive piece of junk

Elantra 1.8

Got the car cheap because its resale value is poor, but I feel I got what I paid for.t

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