Elantra Limited

Great overall for a brand new Hyundai

202 words

Elantra GLS 2.0

Solid, dependable commuter car

130 words, 1 comment

Elantra GL

Not up to my expectations

223 words, 1 comment

Elantra GLS 2.0 Inline 4

A great car. Runs perfect. Another success on Hyundai's part

94 words, 18 comments

Elantra GLS 2.0

Poor quality, give Hyundai a few more years

102 words, 1 comment

Elantra GLS Hatchback 2.0L 4 cylinder

Fantastic Hatchback!!!

312 words

Elantra GLS

Can't go wrong with this car!

44 words

Elantra GLS 2.0

Dependable transportation without emptying your wallet

96 words, 2 comments

Elantra GLS 2.0

Best decision I ever made

116 words, 3 comments

Elantra LX

You get what you pay for

85 words, 1 comment

Elantra GLS

A Class Act

33 words

Elantra gls 2.0

A pleasure to drive

80 words, 2 comments

Elantra LTD 4 cylinder

My Elantra is absolutely the most perfect car I have ever owned!

72 words

Elantra GLS 2.0 petrol

Where am I going to park my other new Elantra when I get it?

156 words, 5 comments

Elantra GLS 2.0

Great value

137 words, 7 comments

Elantra VE - Rental

Perhaps on of the most impressive cars I've ever driven

200 words, 1 comment

Elantra GLS

Pretty good except for the above problem

79 words, 5 comments

Elantra GLS 2.0 Litter 138hp

Great value and a wonderful car

262 words, 6 comments