Sonata 2.4L

The Sonata is a comfortable, reliable car for the money

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Sonata 2.5L gas V6

What a car should be

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Sonata GXL

I will never buy this brand of car

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Sonata GLS 2.7 Liter V6

A reliable and comfortable vehicle for the price

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Sonata V6 2.7

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Sonata GLS 2.5L V6

A great car for the money

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Sonata GLS V6

An absolute money pit!

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Sonata GLS 2.4

Don't bother if you don't want the headache

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Do not buy this vehicle used!!!

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Sonata GL 2.5

A great car for the price, but you get what you pay for in the service area

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Sonata GLS V6

Hyundai gives you a lot of bang for the buck

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Sonata GLS 2.5 FI

A piece of junk - don't buy one!!!

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