2006 Infiniti M45 Sport 4.5 V8


Really. Awesome. Vehicle.


Knock on wood... nothing really.

Only things I've had to fix have been owner error (wife hitting garage, driving over large ice chunks, etc).

General Comments:

Awesome car to drive - the V8 makes this really quick, and the handling is awesome.

Due to the sportiness and 19" wheels, you certainly don't feel like you are riding on a cloud however.

Technology galore! Cooled seats, voice guided menus, adaptive cruise, pre-crash restraints, lane departure, push button start... the list goes on.

I thought I wanted a BMW, but couldn't find the same combination of features and performance.

14 speaker audio system rocks.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2013

26th May 2013, 23:17

Drove one on delivery. Front end became very loose at 160km/h (100 mph); not good. Lumbar support poor on the seat, and a lot of road noise due to low profile tyres (turn up the radio). But goes like a cut cat (Kiwi saying). Very enjoyable.

2007 Infiniti M45 Sport 4.5 gas


Fun to drive during the day


High beams are focused too high.

General Comments:

Everything that you have read about this car is true (it's great). It's hard to believe anyone being disappointed with the M45 Sport.

However if you drive this car on the highway at night, you need to know that the design of the headlights is faulty. The high beams are focused so high that they do not illuminate the road in front of the car at all. There is a single adjust for both high and low beam lights, so if you take your car to the dealer, they will misalign the low beam focus if you complain of the faulty high beams.

I drive 70 miles at night on a desert highway to work daily. If you drive your M45 in town this will not be an issue, but if safe night time driving is a concern to you, beware!

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Review Date: 13th June, 2007