28th Sep 2014, 03:49

Excellent - early and often indeed!!!

Keep that up on an annual basis, and that tranny might live ;)

I say annual, as you are only replacing a fraction of the fluid. I'm nursing a 1999 Accord V6 that way, and it still hangs in there.

28th Nov 2014, 02:30

I just got the gas gauge repaired under recall. Be persistent with Infiniti and the dealership you chose to do the recall. Took 7 weeks of back and forth to get the job completed. Finally done :)

20th Nov 2015, 18:33

Still have my M45. Fixes needed... ABS sensor, driver's side strut mount, rear trunk struts, and lower control arms.

Just fixed the radiator ($200 aftermarket).

346,000 km on the car now. Still going!

21st Nov 2015, 02:19

Great bang for your buck car. In my area of southern California, they are going for peanuts. But the secret is buying a one owner car if you can with maintenance records. There are a few of them left out there. Common problems to that model, so you have to make sure it's already been fixed or the price adjusted so you can do the work yourself.

This is an amazing time for car lovers who have limited income and the ability to watch YouTube fix it videos and can turn a wrench. Most modern cars today are basically plug and play. So if you can put the square peg in the square hole... you can work on these cars.

30th Nov 2015, 23:17

M45's are holding up well in Canada, even with all the salt here.

Maybe because the car has real metal and weighs 4000lbs. Rusting away slowly LOL.

I had a 2002 Infiniti G20 and the body didn't hold up as well.

1st Jul 2016, 15:24

Update. I now have 358,000 km. Had to change the radiator and starter. Got the transmission pan welded after it rusted and leaked fluid on my driveway! Still running, but the car needs a passenger front side ABS sensor.