1991 Isuzu Trooper reviews from North America

Trooper 2.6 inline four cylinder gasoline

249 words

Trooper XS 2.8L

The freaking best money can buy. And it doesn't even take much money

157 words

Trooper LS 2.8L V6 TBI

I would buy another in a second

71 words

Trooper 2.8

Good truck if you're handy with doing your own maintenance

96 words

Trooper 2.6L

TOUGH, great Deal, easy to work on

89 words

Trooper 2.8L V6

A great overall rig

163 words

Trooper 2.6

I love this car

224 words

Trooper II 2.8 liter V6

Super reliable and reasonable transportation

98 words

Trooper LS

A reliable tank

Trooper Base 2.8 liter V6

Old Reliable

117 words


Good, reliable car with a few annoying problems

Trooper SE 2.8 V6

127 words

Trooper LS 2.8 V6

145 words, 3 comments