1991 Isuzu Trooper LS from North America


A reliable tank


Hand brake not functioning when purchased.

Changed muffler and serpentine belt after purchased.

Transmission oil leak. (to be fixed).

Little rust on right fender.

General Comments:

Just got this truck a few months ago and runs very well so far.

The boxy design allows lots of cargo.

The shape is timeless.

Is easy to fix and parts are affordable.

This is a simple, utilitarian and reliable 4x4 SUV.

They don't make trucks like this anymore.

Awesome height you feel you are in control of the road.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2006

6th Jun 2011, 09:43

I have had a 1991 Trooper II for 5 years now.

Great vehicle, I was lucky enough to find one with a perfect body and interior. I have replaced all brakes, radiator, tranny/transfer case, exhaust and now the A/C compressor. It is essentially a brand new vehicle. I maintain my vehicles meticulously.

The one thing I have discovered is the 2.8 V6 is incredibly inefficient and gets very poor fuel economy with very low HP. I am considering changing to the replacement 3.4 litre V6. I wouldn't consider doing this if the vehicle wasn't in such great condition and so much fun to drive.

1991 Isuzu Trooper 2.6 from UK and Ireland


A cheap Tank


Power steering seal went shortly after purchase.

Clutch went just after 100000 miles.

Fuel injector ditto.

General Comments:

Me and a friend bought this car in LA because it was the cheapest 4x4 we could find $1800! We then drove it 6000 miles in two months to Costa Rica.

It performed amazingly through 100 degree deserts, up muddy mountains and through rivers.

The clutch finally went, but after 100,000 miles, not bad I suppose.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2005

1991 Isuzu Trooper Base 2.8 liter V6 from North America


Old Reliable


Very bad gas mileage. I think the throttle body is just about shot.

Radiator is leaking.

Oil leak somewhere around engine.

Steering is a little loose.

A/c needs a little repair.

EGR valve went bad.

Exhaust leak around exhaust manifold.

Passenger side headlight keeps blowing up (literally).

General Comments:

Overall, this is a very dependable vehicle. It cranks every time, and has plenty of room. The 2.8 liter is really embarrassing in the area of get up and go. Really embarrassing. But the 4 wheel drive is unbelievable.

This truck is a keeper. I'll fix the throttle body in order to get better gas mileage, and do some mending on the interior. It just keeps going without a complaint.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2005

1991 Isuzu Trooper from North America


Good, reliable car with a few annoying problems


Driving it, especially on the freeway, was very noisy. I would have to blast the radio to drown out the nose. I'm not sure what part of the car it was, but it sounded like a lawnmower.

The sealing on the wings (side windows) was weak.

The car shook badly and the steering wheel vibrated so hard that my hands would get numb.

Gas mileage was poor, but it was an SUV.

Very easy to over-steer (I found this out the hard way!)

The radio got bad reception, even in local areas.

The gas light wouldn't go off, and the the car ran out of gas a few times because I couldn't gauge how low the gas was.

Very difficult to get it up to speed. I would be stomping on the accelerator pedal and it would be creeping up in speed.

The windshield wipers had only 3 speeds, either too fast or too slow. The didn't clean the shield very thoroughly either.

General Comments:

This car was a pleasure to drive. I loved being so high in relation to the road and other cars. I felt more able to react to other drivers.

Lots of cargo room.

The seats were incredibly comfortable. I had to sleep in it a few times, and just laying down in the back seat was great.

The gear shift was in a comfortable position in relation to the seat.

It broke well.

The gear shift shifted smoothly.

Very attractive exterior and interior.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005