Trooper S 3.2 V6

I am very happy with this vehicle, as it is obviously well-built and is simply a beast in the snow

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Trooper S 3.2L V6

Very capable vehicle and at a very low market value. Find one now

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Trooper 3.2L Gasoline

The Trooper is easy to drive, plenty of power, and ready to go wherever you want to

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Trooper S 3.2 Gasoline

Solid capable utility vehicle

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Trooper S 3.2L V6

The perfect SUV

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Trooper LS 1.6

My Trooper was a wonderful, reliable car!

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Trooper LS

I love this vehicle and do not look forward to having to get another!

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Trooper LS 3.2

This truck is dependable, comfortable, and strong

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Trooper S 3.2

SUV bargain

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Trooper S 4.3

A well-build reliable SUV

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