Trooper S 3.5 gas

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Trooper S 3.5


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Trooper S 3.5

I have never enjoyed a vehicle more

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Trooper S 3.5L V6

Good vehicle, very reliable

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Trooper S 3.5L

A unique SUV for those of us who like to explore, haul cargo, and still fit in a parking space.

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Trooper S 3.5

Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned

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Trooper LS 3.5 V6

I can live with the little flaws

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Trooper S 3.5

Great used vehicle purchase

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Trooper 3.5 V6

A versatile SUV and terrific when it is running right!

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A high priced money pit

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Trooper S 3.5 petrol

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