1998 Isuzu Trooper S 3.5 from North America


Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned



General Comments:

I'm a person who likes to get a different car frequently. My wife jokes that if it needs wiper blades I'll sell it. Well, our Trooper has been absolutely the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.

The A/C is weak for Arizona summers, better gas mileage would be nice, and the paint on the bumpers and fender flares chips too easily.

Nothing has ever broken on this vehicle. It even has the original brake pads! I should be thrilled. I'd like something newer, but it's hard to justify selling the Trooper when it's never been in the shop for anything, but maintenance.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2005

1998 Isuzu Trooper LS 3.5 V6 from North America


I can live with the little flaws


Replaced front wheel bearings at 95000 miles.

Seat springs snapped at 110000 miles.

Starter replaced at 100000 miles.

Exaust gas recirculation valve requires cleaning every 10-15k miles.

Drivers side window seal broke in corner and gets noisy at highway speeds.

General Comments:

I purchased this truck because of the roomy interior. The cabin has as much if not more room than a full size SUV. I love the rear reclining seats and the superiour rear cargo area.

The drive-train on this truck realy takes off from a stand still, for a truck. It also does well at higher speeds for a 3.5, considering the trucks weight.

The suspension is too soft for street driving, but perfect for off-road conditions. It handles like my mothers old Astro van in city driving.

The seats could use more comfort padding.

The engine burns a quart of oil every two thousand miles.

Parts are somewhat expensive. The dealer wanted one hundred dollars for a mud-flap!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2004

1998 Isuzu Trooper S 3.5 from North America


Great used vehicle purchase


The drain plug on the transmission was leaking at purchase. This was an inexpensive repair.

The vehicle is using a quart of oil every 750 miles. No oil leaks are visible.

The air conditioner seems underpowered compared with most vehicles.

General Comments:

Excellent handling; vehicle handles as if new.

Four-wheel drive system is superb.

Excellent visibility from driver's seat.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2004

18th Feb 2005, 00:38

I have a 1998 Trooper and while it has been a good vehicle, I also notice it uses oil... it doesn't burn it, and I don't see any leaks... So I am stumped. I really have to watch it because it is the wifes car and she wouldn't check the oil if she got paid to do so...

Any word on why these trucks use oil mysteriously?

30th Jul 2005, 13:58

The trooper 3.5 litre engine has a problem with the oil not draining fast enough back into the low end of the engine. The oil level must be checked at every fill up to avoid a costly seize of the engine. The problem apparently is the oil drain holes. A reman long block can be purchased for about 3500 dollars and it has been upgraded to prevent this problem. good luck!!!

27th Aug 2005, 09:12

Oh wow, I thought mine was the only one? I have my oil change done professionally, and one day mysteriously after maybe 600 miles, my oil light came on. I was like awww, I went to the dealer and they said it was bone dry? But since then I have not had the problem again. Umm does anyone know what MPG this vehicle gets?

25th Feb 2016, 22:18

Could be someone forgot to properly tighten the sump plug; maybe a Monday morning job.

1998 Isuzu Trooper 3.5 V6 from North America


A versatile SUV and terrific when it is running right!


Intake manifold gasket replaced at 35 and 59 thousand miles.

Fuel pressure sensor replaced at 40k miles.

Cruise control failed (short) at 50k miles.

Main Electronic Control Unit computer (very expensive!) shorted out at 85k miles.

Rear main wiring harness broke at 86k miles.

General Comments:

Factory parts are incredibly expensive. Dealer required repair is a huge expense.

Routine maintenance is reasonable and can be done by any mechanic.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2004

23rd Jan 2006, 17:38

I just sold my 1998 Trooper with 160K on it. It has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. It has been off-road many times in the high country of Colorado and New Mexico -- as recently as June at La Mosca Pass on Mt. Taylor. Because I live on the east coast, I do a lot highway driving, and at times, pull a small travel trailer (SunLine 16.5 footer) cross-country. First set of brakes lasted until 115K miles. Replaced intake manifold gasket at 93K miles. New starter at 135K miles. New cat converter at 145K miles. Other than battery and tires, there have been no other repairs -- only scheduled items such as timing belts, etc. I was sorely disappointed that GM (they own Isuzu) decided to replace the Trooper with a re-badged Trailblazer. I would have definitely and most seriously considered a new Trooper. I replaced my '98 Trooper with a new '05 Pathfinder just this past week. I was a bit sadden by the passing of the Trooper, and my Trooper specifically. Frank on the east coast...

8th May 2008, 13:50

I just sold my 98 Trooper with 157 thousand miles on it. It was a great truck. I purchased it 5 years ago with 40,000 miles on it. It never once let me down. I had no issues with it, the only failures it had were a starter at 90K and the transmission went out at 145K. I replaced the original brakes at 155K along with the intake manifold gasket. Other than watching the oil level and routine maintenance it was a great truck. It took me wherever I wanted to go and performed flawlessly both on and off road. I had to get rid of it to get a more economical car, gas was killing me with my 80+ mile a day drive. I would love to get another Trooper, and it was a sad day at the dealership when I traded it in.