1998 Jaguar XJ8 4.0 liter V8


We are very disappointed! The V-8s should be recalled and refitted with a 6. Is there a conversion?


The "timing advance" mechanism went out almost immediately. We used a local independent Jaguar garage and it cost $5,200.

Within 30 days, the timing chain cover began leaking, we then took it to a different garage; cost to repair: about $1,000.

Within 30 days thereafter, the car simply stopped running. There was no knocking, no excessive oil consumption, no warning. It started up one morning, then quit, and has no compression!

It has now been out of service for another 30 days, with mechanics scratching their heads over the problem.

When we 1st purchased the car, our local Jaguar dealer supplied various maintenance and repair services (minor), was excellent and very easy to work with, but has the reputation for being very expensive. However, our next step (last resort) now is having the car towed to them for their opinion as to the problem.

General Comments:

This car is an extreme pleasure to drive, and an extreme pain to own! My wife purchased this car to use in her real estate practice, and only drives about 12,000 miles per year. However, she's gotten nowhere near that far in this one, and has had to revert to our smaller Chrysler for business (this after having sold her large Chrysler).

Her cars are pampered, and generally remain trouble free. This V-8 Jaguar, however, has been trouble with a capital "T".

We have owned several other Jaguars over the years (usually as a 2nd car), and, with the exception of the old Lucas electrics blackouts, have been reliable, enjoyable, and the (6 cylinder) engines seemed to run effortlessly forever!

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Review Date: 10th August, 2003

12th Aug 2003, 12:26

I have a friend who just traded her XJ8 for a new Rolls, She wanted rid of the car before the warranty ran out even though it only had 8,000m on it. Jaguars have always been problematic and will always be problematic. These cars are built to be toys, not dependable daily drivers. I honestly would think you are lucky to have had several and to just now be having trouble with one. I have had several over the years and have tried using them as daily drivers myself untill I learned better. I now fully rely on Mercedes, and use Jaguars & Rolls Royce as weekend cars.

You do not have to be wealthy to buy a Jag, but you need to be to keep it on the road. Jaguars are wonderful as long as you have the money, but if you really cannot afford it and get stuck with one - I feel sorry for you.

1998 Jaguar XJ8 XJ 8 V8


This vehicle is too expensive for for the product you receive


Premium Sound package has intermittent sound cut out on the drivers door speaker.

Steering and tire vibration resulting in suspension bushings being replaced 3 times and tire replacement.

Front brake and rotor replacement at 38,000 miles.

ABS module went out and was replaced.

Steering pulling and braking unstable resulting in rear suspension wishbone being replaced.

While on the Highway at 55 to 65 MPH the vehicle will sometimes start slowing down and will not accelerate, then goes in to "Limp Home" mode. Dealer can find no problem/computer fault codes.

General Comments:

This vehicle is too expensive for the type mechanical problems experienced.

The dealers service department required me to contact Jaguar headquarters on most occasions to receive proper service response.

The vehicle Steers well and is very comfortable for the front passengers.

The rear seating is cramped for anyone over 5 foot 6 inches tall.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2003

1998 Jaguar XJ8 4.0 V8


Jaguar needs a hand from eighties BMW


There were oil leaks.

The engine needed replacing (in a new car?)

General services in between.

General Comments:

Reliability, strength of build, reliability, strength of build, reliability... where are you?

Jaguars are very comfortable, but I wouldn't have another.

They just ain't reliable.

My whole engine had to be changed cause it was too expensive to fix.

Don't buy one unless brand new from a dealer or you have V8s waiting for installation in your garage.

Might get there eventually (I hope they do - Ford: LEAVE them alone!)

Until then, it doesn't matter that they're comfortable and smooth.

Get a Lexus in the meantime (or a BMW or an Audi, forget posh 155mph Chryslers).

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Review Date: 8th August, 2001

13th Aug 2001, 12:06

I have difficulty to believe that, I have a XJ8, I did 201 000 km with this car and I never had a problem with that.

Just strange...

6th Feb 2003, 07:17

Your engine was replaced because of a bore wear issue due to Nikasil errosion, I presume?

So what, you got a brand new engine free of charge, that's your only gripe and your talking as if the car has let you down on a daily basis.

If it wasn't for Ford, Jaguar would have died a long time ago, or worse, fallen into the hands of GM. We've all seen what a great job they did with Saab and Cadillac.

19th Jun 2003, 09:48

Reviews that simply state, "the engine broke" (or other words to that affect) are not really helpful or valid in this forum. If a review can't even speak to basic questions about a car's mechanical problems or condition (what went wrong with the engine?), the review appears fraudulent and damages the credibility of this Website.

11th Mar 2004, 04:04

My XJ8 stalled yesterday morning as I was doing 70 mph. The car had not warmed up; has 48,000 miles and plenty of oil. Fortunately I was able to glide to the side shoulder, shutdown the lights and the car started right up. Temperature outside at the time was 35F - about 7AM. I love the car otherwise - any thoughts?

20th Dec 2006, 13:18

If you want a great luxury sedan there is no better-- than the XJ8... I have owned 5 Jaguars.. Great autos...

Nothing out there that compairs...