17th Apr 2010, 22:28

I am a single woman who owns a '69 XKE Coupe, '93 Vanden '98 XJ8', and '99 Vanden Plas. I have always loved Jags and have spent a lot of money. Only the '99 is running. I have never found a mechanic who didn't say I should buy another car. I don't think of my Jag as a luxury item, I think of it as a soulmate.

I drove my '69 in Germany at 125mph and a Mercedes was on my bumper.. so I gave the road to him. 125mph is considered slow in Germany...

My 98 needs an engine..have people had good luck with the Chevy engine. Unfortunately the 99 was an auction car and was dead when I bought it..


18th Apr 2010, 03:14

Somewhere in the Jag equation there is a Mercedes Benz gearbox, so why not fit a M/B engine as well? Surely this creation would be an "S class" equivalent, if not better.

14th Aug 2010, 12:22

OK guys, I've got JAGUAR SOVEREIGN 4.0 model 1999, it's petrol and converted to LPG, mileage 146000.

My car was giving me misfiring on petrol, but on gas it was fine. After 3/5 months, it just broke down in a car park by not starting up. I then called AA breakdown; the AA made it worse by turning the engine on and on, and finally smoke was coming out from the starter motor.

I made him stop, and took it to a garage. They said it needs a new starter motor, because it's not turning the engine on. I paid £269 inc VAT. After the car started, the mechanic found chain tic tic noises from front top side of the engine, and it was misfiring badly when you turn to gas; the engine would just die - turn off, and I was recommended to get that new tensioner and chain replaced, and the labour cost was £300 plus parts.

I decided to bring it home, and bought a Haynes book, 1994 model, and took the front parts out, and the timing chain was broken, and the tensioners were broken too. I have bought new tensioner and chain; cost £117, including VAT from dealers. Now I am looking around for a cam locking tool to open it and fix the chain, but I was advised by some mechanics that I may have bent the VALVES when I started the engine, and the spark plugs were wet too, so I have to clean them.

Email me if you have some information, or have been through such problems to bestseller118@yahoo.co.uk

It would be very helpful for me.

16th Sep 2010, 19:19

Has any one done a engine swap on a 98 XJ8? Are there kits available? Thanks.

4th Aug 2013, 01:40

I do not agree with this comment.

My '98 Vanden Plas has been very reliable. As I had heard some chain clatter on cold start up, I immediately knew the tensioners were ready to go, so had them done by an independent garage that saved me about 60% compared to the dealer. All the fluids were done at the same time.

She manages 14-16 MPG city; not great, but expected for stop and go with a two ton car, and gets 22-26 highway, a bit more with non-ethanol premium. She is comfortable and comforting, quiet, light on her feet, and is quite reassuring to have everything electronic working perfectly 13 years on. I'd trust it far more than the same era BMW or Mercedes, and yes, I've owned both those brands as well.

I've long had a predilection for German rolling stock, but after having the Jaguar, realised that under Ford auspices one is left with the notion that a British car can be more reliable, with lower running costs, than a German one. That was a revelation to me.

8th Sep 2013, 13:56

Hi, I own a 1999 XJ8, which has only covered 27,000 miles, and I think this is a common problem on this engine. Should I be considering a timing chain replacement? Any advice and or comments would be most welcome at bmwbob@ymail.com.