2005 Jaguar XK8 4.2


A true modern classic -- and a lot of car for the money!


Nothing, except a couple of the power seat adjustment controls don't do much of anything except make a vague humming noise.

General Comments:

The convertible model may not be the most practical in the Jaguar line-up if you have a family, as the back seat is pretty much unusable for anything but pets (with very well-trimmed claws) and groceries (that don't leak)... but if it's just for you and a special someone? Oh my goodness, who cares!?!

I swear, the 2003-2006 XK8 has to be one of the best deals out there in the luxury used car field. These are the best years of the 1997-2006 run -- they finally got it right, mechanically and reliability-wise. Originally priced in the lofty $70,000+ range, a nice one can be found for $11-19,000. The substantial V8 is surprisingly good on gas, especially on the highway. Parts and service are not really an issue, but it's a good thing to find a repairman who knows what he's doing and has some passion for the brand.

All that practicality and financial stuff aside, let's be honest -- the car is sex on wheels! The rich leather, build quality, appointments, history, the "British-ness", and gazing upon that amazing, full-width slab of burl walnut in front of you when you're cradled in the driver's seat -- priceless, really. You're driving a true modern classic.

A checklist:

Drop-dead gorgeous from every angle -- check.

Powerful and smooth -- check.

People will assume that you're much more wealthy, intelligent, confident, sporty, and sybaritic (you should look that up) than you really are -- check.

People will point, nudge and whisper, "Oooh, he/she drives a Jag convertible!" -- check.

They might also assume that you're a Newport Beach trophy wife (or husband), a successful hair stylist, a celebrity, or having a midlife crisis -- double check -- but again, who the heck cares!?!

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Review Date: 19th August, 2015

1997 Jaguar XK8 V8


This car is timeless


When I purchased my XK8, the previous owner had replaced the tensioners prior to my purchase, so I thought everything was OK, but what I didn't know is that the transmission was faulty on the 1997 XK8, and the hub in the transmission would become brittle and break. The good news is a friend of mine owns a repair shop, so it only cost me 1200.00 to repair the transmission, and he installed the new upgraded hub. 10 years later, the car drives and looks like a dream.

The only other problem was the front end bushings went bad, but that was a very low cost (200.00).

So for 10 years of driving and 1400.00 in repair costs, besides oil changes and brakes, I would say not bad Jaguar.

General Comments:

The beauty of owning a 1997 black Jaguar coupe is most people think it's a late model car, and it's as rare as a black pearl.

The lines and styling of this vehicle are timeless; people still walk up to me and say I love your Jag. I have to race my wife to the car keys, because she loves the looks, and the great gas mileage. The interior is well crafted.

When you see a modern day 2012 Aston or Jag, you see the legacy of the 1997 XK8.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2012

1997 Jaguar XK8 4.0


Fun, stylish and worth owning


The tail lights have a problem where the harness attaches to the light assembly, and trying to find a new harness end is next to impossible.

The stereo system sounds like the rear speakers are blown, and of course they are not easy to get to, so I have to wait until I have time to remove the rear seat and side panels to fix that as well.

Some of the plastic interior trim pieces are cracked or broken, especially in the seats like the covers at the lower seat where it's hinged, and the trim where the lever is to disengage the seat to access the back, and once again the parts are next to impossible to find.

General Comments:

Now that the bad is out of the way, the upside is that this car handles great, and when you put the tranny in Sports mode, this car flies. It is quick and responsive, and of course is rolling art.

For the original sticker price of 73K, they could have used better parts on it, or at least made them easy to obtain, but it seems that every higher end car I've owned had its fair share of quirks, with the exception of my Infinity Q45 T, which was the perfect car, and I never had to spend a dime on, but falls short in the fun department, whereas the Jag rates a solid 8 for joy of driving.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2012