Cherokee Pioneer 2.5L 4 cylinder

Pretty good, fun Jeep

134 words

Cherokee chief 2.4


143 words

Cherokee Laredo 2.8

One of the greatest vechicles ever made

37 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Chief 2.5 fuel injected

Bugaboos serious off-road toy

68 words, 4 comments

Cherokee Chief 2dr. 4wd 2.5L 4 cylinder. TBI

It's a Jeep... need I say more?

208 words, 5 comments

Cherokee Laredo 2.8L

This car needs almost no maintenance!

203 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0L gas

Awesome truck past its prime

171 words, 4 comments

Cherokee Laredo 2.8L

A Wonderful Vehicle to Keep

87 words

Cherokee Pioneer 2.5L 4 cylinder

A good starter jeep or fixer upper

341 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0

Great all around car that holds it's value

67 words

Cherokee Pioneer 2.8 V6 (GM)

A good, cheap 4x4

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