1986 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 2.5L 4 cylinder from North America


Pretty good, fun Jeep


- Tilt wheel is loose & will move a bit.

- Header was broken due to either heat or the joint on the front axle hitting the exhaust pipe when bottoming out the front suspension.

- Driver seat is automatic & doesn't work + leans.

- Door locks don't work.

General Comments:

- Other than the stupid little stuff, I think it has been a pretty good car for a 24 year old car with almost 400k miles on it.

- The four wheel drive works well.

- CommandTrac feature works great (Just stick the car in neutral, even while moving, and you can stick it into four wheel drive).

- Even though only a 2.5L 4C, I towed an 80s Suburban the other day in 4L with no problem. 4L has a TON of torque.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2010

1986 Jeep Cherokee chief 2.4 from North America




As most people the back wiper motor went in 96 but so what I rarely used it anyway. after I took out the air conditioner it was allmost 7 yrs before I needed to replace a belt. 2 yrs ago I had the motor rebuilt, I've never replaced a u-joint or clutch, still the original clutch plate and every 4 to 6 mos. I get under her and tighten bolts and grease once you've done this a few times it only takes 45 to 60 minutes. I absolutetly love this vehicle. its been to 38 states on and off road and she enjoys it as much as I and my passengers. I've seen 4wheel drives come and go, but if you give what she needs before she needs it she'll treat you right or maybe I'm just lucky and got the good one.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2007

1986 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2.8 from North America


One of the greatest vechicles ever made


My slave cyclinder went at 184,000 miles it was stock. now the automatic for wheel drive has stopped working perfect timing for winter.

General Comments:

After all the little problems its been a great and fun truck to own.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2006

19th Nov 2011, 13:25

I am a retired mechanic. I bought my 1986 Cherokee used in 2003 from someone here in the High Sierra mountains. It was well maintained with 199,000 miles.

I did a valve job at 203,000, and skipped the rings and replaced the crank and bearings, not removing the pistons from the cylinders because there was no ridge, and I could still see the cross hatches.

I now have 289,000 miles, and have replaced the clutch and u-joints. This year I plan to do a complete rebuild on the engine, and I'm having the cam reground for a higher performance level. I drove a friend's Jeep with a hotter 4 cylinder cam and was surprised at its power.

My Jeep works hard towing, and plays hard off roading and in winter. It has never left me stuck and or in need of tow.

As far as the other readers problem with the premature alternator belt wear, check the alignment of the pulley to pulley. Use a gun sight method. Chances are your alternator bracket (top) has become bent slightly. This is usually from over tightening, so back off with the tension OK?

1986 Jeep Cherokee Chief 2.5 fuel injected from North America


Bugaboos serious off-road toy


Valve gasket went at 170,000.

Replaced clutch at 166,000.

Always have to replace the thermostat.

The seats are broken and don't move.

Alternator belt likes to break.

Windshield wiper motor.

Started to burn oil at 168,000.

General Comments:

1986 Jeep Cherokee Chief

Off-road is the best choice for this type of Jeep.

The ride can be very stiff on the highway. Handles well around sharp turns. Not at least top-heavy.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2005

19th May 2005, 09:03

This review is very well said. I have had the same problems with my Jeep. Also I would like to add that the emergency brake cable always has problems. Thank You.

29th Apr 2007, 17:14

Yeah my wiper motors are annoying, and the thermostat has gone so many times I can't even remember anymore. Other than that, a good vehicle.

12th Oct 2007, 16:55

The front wiper motor is giving me problems, the back went out. I have also had to replace the thermostat twice, and I have had it for a little over four months. it is an awsome vehicle other than those problems.

4th Mar 2008, 01:11

I have 268,946 original miles on my 86 Cherokee cCheif, my grandfather bought brand new! I have changed the stat 1 time in 4 years of ownership. I did the clutch at 208,031. it is getting a bit tired, but just passed smog test here in Calif, last week! 2.8 5 speed 4x4 all stock.