1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4 V6


Great vehicle


The starter appears to be going, I think. When I go to crank it a few seconds of whining occurs before it actually cranks. I will be having it looked at by my mechanic, in the very near future.

The automatic locks don't always work correctly so sometimes I have to manually lock or unlock the doors, and my rear windows have stopped rolling down, the front ones work perfectly.

Lastly, the lift gate doesn't want to stay up.

Has anyone else experienced these problem and what did you do to fix them if so?

General Comments:

Overall, I am enjoying the jeep. The ride is comfortable and it has plenty of power while not costing me anymore on gas than my previous vehicle (00 Saturn LS2). It has a rebuilt engine that was put in at about 200,000 miles, so about 40,000 miles ago, by the previous owner who drove it across county.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2007

1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0


I will never be without a Jeep again


Was having a problem with the transmission. Probably why I got it for $800.00. I looked online and found that many people were stating that the TPS (throttle position switch) sensor was to blame. I crossed my fingers and went to the dealership. Got the part for $40.00 after tax and inserted it in less than 20 minutes. Problem fixed! I was getting a lot of transmission slipping and it wouldn't change gears properly. At about 4,000 rpm it would finally switch gears, but it was loud and I was afraid of damaging the engine or the tranny (or both). It now shifts smoothly and I am so happy that the internet is such a great resource for people to research issues with vehicles. Winner!

General Comments:

I can't believe this vehicle has over 250k miles on it. I'm so happy be be in the Jeep community and am truly impressed with the condition of my Cherokee. A little elbow grease and a lot of wax have this baby looking pretty good. More than I could have hoped for at the price I paid.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2006

1990 Jeep Cherokee Sport Utility 4D 6 cylinder. 4.0 Liter


This jeep is a Trooper


Power Window motors are slow.

Power Locks Broken.

Trunk Lock Broke and fell off.

Ceiling Collapsing.

A/C Broken.

Engine Frequently overheats in summer.


Compass/Temp. Reader Broken.

Windshield Cracked.

When headlights are turned on, all electrical interior lights will not function.

Brakes, rotors replaced. Replaced water pump, ignition switch, starter, and alternator. Muffler rusted off.

Leaks oil.

Exterior Driver Mirrors Broken.

Rear Wiper Broken.

Shakes on highway.

General Comments:

We've had this car for 10 years, and while it's fallen apart slowly, it still keeps ticking.

While some of these problems are from normal wear, my biggest concerns with this car is the incredibly poor electrical system.

Gets us where we need to go, 99% of the time. Darn overheating!

Overall, good results for a car that's older than some of my kids.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2006

15th Sep 2006, 09:14

I thought isuzu made troopers.

31st Dec 2015, 14:42

Having owned a 1990 Cherokee and a 1990 Trooper, I can honestly say it's no Trooper. Save a great engine, 4.0 I-6, the Isuzu is dominant in all other categories.

1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0


Detroit should have never forgotten how to make vehicles like this


The front end was rusted out when I bought her. I wanted to change the shocks as soon as I bought her, and when we went to take the old shocks out... the mounts were completely rusted away. That's because the woman who owned it previously had her parked on the grass for a few years, and it took its toll. I installed a 1989 front end in her, and she's been solid ever since. The usual stuff has gone on her, but that's OK. New shift handle, anything plastic and electrical, fuel sender, all little inexpensive stuff... thank goodness. Headliner was replaced about 10,000 miles ago... well worth doing it. Interior is still like new with it done. Had some leaks from the windshield... got those tightened up, and she's been fine. There was a problem with the Clear Coat in the 1990 model year from what I understand, and have the nasty peeling going on. I'm going to have that fixed this spring.

General Comments:

What an amazing vehicle. When I'm sitting at a light, guys want to know how many miles I have on her? When I tell them 103K, they call her "just a baby"... I say, huh? Then they proceed to tell me they have 257,000 on theirs, one guy had over 320K on his. They shout out... keep the oil clean n' she'll be fine. Which I do, and which she is.

I drive her hard... now that I put the Michelin's on her... I live in the North East, and don't ever want to think about the snow or rain. I drive her like she just came out of the show room, and I want beat her while she's still under warranty. She handle's anything I throw at her... like a pro.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006