1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter


Will never die!!!


Headliner is falling down.

2 rubber vacuum hoses that control the 4wd system rotted away.$1 to fix.

Uses/leaks about 1 quart of oil every 3000 miles.

Heater will only blow through the defroster regardless of heater switch position.

General Comments:

The best truck I've ever owned.

With the 5 speed manual I usually average over 20mpg.

4.0 liter 6 cylinder has ample power for any situation. I enjoy watching kids in Honda's faces register shock in my rearview mirror.

4wd system has never left me stuck in the snow or hub deep mud.

I bought this Jeep for $500 with almost a quarter million miles on it, thinking I would be lucky to get through the winter with it. It now has close to 285,000 miles on it ans runs and drives as good as a new one.

I managed to find a Laredo that didn't have power windows or door locks, tilt wheel or cruise control. As a result, there's almost nothing left to break down.

A Jeep Cherokee is one of the best buys you can make if you want a smaller size 4x4.I'll be keeping this one for a while because it doesn't seem like its going to die anytime soon.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2006

1990 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 inline 6


Reliable, and fun to drive


Rear windshield washer line leaked (big time)

Laminate on paint is coming off.

Tie rod end crapped out (132000)

General Comments:

Wow, what an excellent vehicle almost everything about this SUV I love. It handles excellent off-road and on, has a superb engine, and has a roomy interior (I'm 6ft 3) the controls are nice and easy to get at. he's the bad, the paint laminate is all coming off and looks terrible, it's all white and flaky. the next and this is my biggest peeve (being a poor student) is the dismal fuel economy, just terrible, is there anyone that can give me some info as to how I can improve it? All in all this is a wicked good vehicle with lots of potential, I would recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2005

1990 Jeep Cherokee 6.0


For all the trouble it has seemingly given me, I love my Jeep!


I had to replace starter at 171,000 miles.

I had to replace alternator at 176,000 miles.

I have had oil leaks in different places.

General Comments:

There is some interior damage, but that's from previous owners.

I need new shocks, but I think it still handles great.

The interior suits me wonderfully. Some have complained about having to climb in and out of the back seat because it's a two door.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

1990 Jeep Cherokee 4.0


It can be dangerous to drive


I have had to replace the oil pump

I replaced the power steering pump

ABS has been repaired 5 times

All the power windows have fallen off the tracks.

Windshield leaks

Replaced 2 fuel injectors.

General Comments:

After all the replacements that have been done, this Jeep is almost new, it always starts. Nice ride, good running, 4 wheel drive works great.

The brakes are the problem. I have had it in the shop two times in a week. Vacuum problems, sensor problems. This system is not only junk it is dangerous. There is no warning, one minute the brakes are fine, next you have to stand on them to stop.

If I can get it fixed I almost have to keep it after the price of buying it and the repairs done.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2004

26th Dec 2004, 12:44

The ABS systems in the 1990-1991 model Cherokee's have been known for a while to be quirky. Working when they feel like it. It's a shame, these really are awesome Jeeps that will run forever with proper care!

18th Jan 2005, 15:18

I've got 180,000 on my Cherokee and I love it! I've noticed that if I need to stop in a hurry I have to push the brake pedal all the way to the floor (this is a non-ABS vehicle) and the tires never lock up unless the road is the slightest bit slick, but that's the only problem I have with my brakes.

I just had my windshield leak fixed last week, what was wrong with yours? Mine was leaking all along the bottom.

20th Mar 2005, 07:00

This is not safe! You must have air in your brake line, or else something is broken. You should get this fixed before you have an accident!