Cherokee Sport 4.0 I6

Great vehicle

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Cherokee Sport 4WD 4.0 I-6

Wish I could get another new one

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Cherokee Country 4.0L Inline six

Priced right - fast and full of torque - don't buy it if you can't handle minor maintenance.

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Cherokee Country 4.0L

A perfect SUV about ten years ago, but not so great for 2008

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Cherokee Country 4.0L I6

It's a Jeep thing... you wouldn't understand

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Cherokee Country 4.0

This was the best vehicle I ever owned

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Cherokee 4 door 4.0

I do love it

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Cherokee Sport Straight 6, 4.0L

It's a Jeep... enough said

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Cherokee Rio Grande (US model) 2.5 I-4 petrol

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