Comanche Pioneer 2.5 inline 4

Kick tastic small duty truck, would definitely buy a new one

57 words, 1 comment

Comanche Eliminator 4X4 4.0 HO I6

The best truck I will ever find. Ever..

311 words, 1 comment

Comanche 2 wheel drive 4.0L

This truck is amazing!!!

192 words

Comanche Pioneer 4.0 High Output

A great used truck bargain

140 words, 6 comments

Comanche 4.0 L 190hp high output

I love the rush of its acceleration and speed

193 words, 2 comments

Comanche Eliminator 4.0

Fast, reliable and sporty

60 words, 1 comment

Comanche Pioneer 4.0 Litre

Fast, reliable, and rare, there's only one

303 words, 12 comments

Comanche Sport Truck 4.0L inline 6 cyl high output

An excellent reliable truck

177 words, 3 comments