2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 gas


Junkyard delight


Running bad, pouring gas out of the tail pipe. Mil on, P0202 and P1389. Checked for fuel injector pulse, OK, also injector ticks; checked spark plug new, so decided to do a compression test, 0 PSI on cylinder 02, 60 PSI rest, tested twice til battery dead. Not good, expected something better. So before you change the spark plugs, fuel injector, ECM, TPS sensor or ECM, do a compression test and beware if a mechanic says that it "just needs a tune up..."

General Comments:

Beautiful design, very comfortable and looks tough.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2016

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4.7 HO


This Jeep is a beast!


General wear and tear items.

Radiator at 155,000km ($400 parts and labour).

Tie rods replaced.

Front drive shaft (double Cardan joint - $100 from a wrecker's yard).

Stabilizer links replaced.

Driver's heated seat doesn't light up or work.

Window regulators on front windows replaced.

Dash tweeters blow, replace them with Mopar parts... blow again. Aftermarket speakers doing great now.

Not much to be honest.

General Comments:

I love this truck!

I drive it HARD around construction sites, so most my repairs are likely from the extra abuse, especially at this age. The solid axles are phenomenal when you really start to put it in awkward spots; the articulation is impressive.

It's a beast in snow!

I really can't complain, the seats are more comfortable than what I have in my living room!

The Overland has some really nice equipment, and I love its wood/leather steering wheel, auto lights and wipers. And the high output motor makes it quite fast and it likes to screech the rear tires.

Never let me down!

Cheers to more good drives.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2013

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 liter


It should never have been put up for resale


The ABS brakes went twice. Couldn't drive the Jeep because the ABS brakes locked up; this happened twice. Had to have the whole system replaced on the passenger's side front.

The flexplate in the transmission went; had to get a new one put in.

The computer went that controlled the instrument panel. Had to have it replaced.

The transmission fluid is foamy.

It get about 25 miles to a gallon on the highway and 20 around town.

It bounces around on rough roads; does not seem to be stable.

And I am afraid to take it on long trips.

I plan to sell it and get another vehicle.

I really like the style of the vehicle, but if you don't feel safe in a vehicle and it sits in your yard most of the time, or at the point of purchase the rest of the time, there is no sense in keeping the vehicle.

General Comments:

The interior is like new, and the seats are comfortable.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2013

22nd Jun 2013, 19:32

For the transmission fluid, please do not drive it while it's like that! It could be from overfilled transmission fluid, or worse, your radiator may be leaking coolant into your transmission fluid via the cooler, which requires replacement of the radiator.

28th Jun 2013, 17:33

I wouldn't really worry about the tranny. I think it's just kind of wear and tear. Probably needs a flush or something. Depending on the weather, it could build up some foam. I used to live somewhere that was like that. I just added a touch of brake fluid into the tranny fluid and that helped. To really fully enjoy these trucks, you gotta take em off road. Try that, then tell me you don't like it.

1st Sep 2015, 21:13

Reply to a comment about adding brake fluid to a transmission. Don't do it. This is an old mechanic's quick fix so they don't have to replace an inexpensive seal. It works because it softens and eats away at the seals. So your leak may stop, but the potential for more costly repairs later are greatly increased. Brake fluid is also hygroscopic (meaning it attracts and holds water). Foam in any fluid means water. Bad news, anywhere from faulty seals (head gasket) in the engine to a cracked block. Sorry to digress, just passing info along.