2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7 from North America


Could be a little bigger, but then it would be a Tahoe. Go Jeep!


Windshield wiper motor has a short, power window regulators, nothing serious.

All support arms for the hood and rear hatches.

Brakes are a little soft for this vehicle.

Paint is chipping from being g parked for 5 years.

General Comments:

First off, let me say that this little truck is the closest thing to a tank that a regular person can buy, at least before the Hummer came along.

I bought this Jeep with a rebuilt title from a salvage yard. Even though it had been in a serious accident, it rides great.

I recently put on some tires that were more for the interstate. Does very well at all speeds. It's not a big truck by any means. The 4.7 with the Select Trac full time 4x4 is basically like driving a Hemi because of the size and weight of the little Jeep. From 60 to 85 mph is special. You almost don't realize how fast you can pass another car. It's fast but safe at the same time.

Still one of the best trail 4x4 vehicles out there today. It can make turns that bigger trucks can't.

Gas is okay, but you will pay to play. The smaller truck gets bad reviews, but these little guys can take punishment. Does all tasks well. Don't get in a hurry and you can get the 19 MPG as advertised. That can quickly dip down to 14 if you tap into that baby Hemi power with the air running.

I work for a wireless Internet company so I take the Jeep off road quite a bit. The clearance isn't quite as high as I would like, but I haven't done any mods to it, and being small makes up for it. Most of the ranch roads and mountain trails are made for bigger trucks. I dodge bigger rocks and boulders by weaving sometimes. If I do happen to hit a rock, no worries because the underneath of a Jeep is mostly steel. They are made tough. It's common to see a 30 year old Jeep still working hard out there. I want a newer one, but this one has still got 200k to go.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2017

17th Jun 2017, 13:05

Only 16K miles in 7 years?

At that rate it will take you around 88 years to put another 200K miles on it {θ¿θ}

19th Jun 2017, 10:47

Which being mostly off road miles, the component wear sounds equivalent. Maybe he will be due for a new one soon.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 gas from North America


Junkyard delight


Running bad, pouring gas out of the tail pipe. Mil on, P0202 and P1389. Checked for fuel injector pulse, OK, also injector ticks; checked spark plug new, so decided to do a compression test, 0 PSI on cylinder 02, 60 PSI rest, tested twice til battery dead. Not good, expected something better. So before you change the spark plugs, fuel injector, ECM, TPS sensor or ECM, do a compression test and beware if a mechanic says that it "just needs a tune up..."

General Comments:

Beautiful design, very comfortable and looks tough.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2016

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2.7 CRD (turbo diesel by Mercedes) from Bulgaria


Great performance, great value when used, but an engineering/mechanical degree is a must!


1) All A/C actuators/valves failed - repair is near impossible as the dash needs to be removed so hacking is inevitable here (cutting holes in A/C ducts and joining hot/cold air doors together etc).

2) Starter fails to engage on 1 out of 10 starts - repaired but still fails, live with it (Chrysler should have used a Bosch starter, not go cheap with one of theirs).

3) Read axle oil leak (diff oil) - replaced.

4) Extreme noise from both front drive shaft CV joints - replaced.

5) Heated seats don't work - live with it.

6) Diesel injectors (Bosch) replaced - have to drop the entire engine and gearbox down, so hacking (cutting a hole in the body near the wipers) is inevitable.

7) Poor corrosion protection.

8) Power steering hoses leak - replaced (hydraulic engine fan using steering pump... come on Chrysler who does that???)

9) Heating fluid circulation pump driven by the belt fails - live without it.

10) A/C cooling agent leaks and needs refill every 3 months - leak cannot be found, so refill every June and hope to last till the end of hot days.

11) Engine glow plugs short and solder themselves to the head - replacing is impossible as you need to take the head down... so I live with 4 good out of 5 now.

12) Engaging low gears is impossible with a running engine (have to stop, switch and start engine).

13) Remote locks control hardly works from a meter of distance and the alarm will not sound when armed and the door gets opened.

14) Alternator pulley fails to rotate free in the opposite direction and a squeak is heard whenever you stop the engine - needs replacing.

15) Power windows and locks failed - bad contact at the door hinge connector.

ALL that is just for 1 year of having this Jeep and 13,000km.

General Comments:

Pretty much everything Jeep/Chrysler in this car will fail around 10 years of age or sooner. The Mercedes engine will hold longer, but injectors need replacing and this is EXPENSIVE. Cars come to Bulgaria to die and this Jeep came in young at about 10 years of age from Italy. I don't think it will live long.

Still it's great off the road, spacious, good looking and good value, but you have to be a professional or amateur mechanic to keep it going after the warranty :)

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Review Date: 9th September, 2015