2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition from North America




*I have had to replace the E-Vap line because it was leaking gas fumes and would cause all sorts of lights to come on inside the car.

*I had to replace some sort of electrical system because the car wouldn't register that all of the doors were closed and all the lights would come on inside the car.

*I had to replace the back window on the driver's side because it fell in one day when I shut the door.

*I had to replace the driver's window because it also fell in one day when I let the window up.

*I had to have the gear shifter fixed because it wouldn't register that the car was in park and wouldn't let me remove my key from the ignition.

*I had to replace the back cup holder because there was a screw inside of the middle console that cracked the back cup holder the first time it was pulled out.

*I had to have the lights on the seat heater switches replaced because they both went out.

General Comments:

DO NOT BUY A JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE! It is the biggest piece of junk that you can buy! I would have been better walking! I honestly could have a Porsche by now with all of the money that I've had to put into my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had read bad reviews, but also had read good ones so I thought, "it's just a few that are bad, it won't happen to me." Boy, was I wrong!

It has been one thing after another with this SUV and it never stops! I am a teenage girl who got this car brand new in 2002 and I am not rough with this car whatsoever. It is ridiculous how much money that has had to be put into my Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you buy this car, it is the worst investment that you could EVER make! Also not to mention, the Jeep service departments aren't willing to help you at all and could care less if they see you every other week to have something fixed!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2006

5th Aug 2006, 12:40

This is a good example of how a good American car company's quality goes down after merging with a far less reliable foreign company (Mercedes).

5th Aug 2006, 14:28

Hey there.

The earlier jeeps seem to be more reliable then these newer ones; maybe less electrical gismoes?

12th Aug 2006, 08:44

Isn't it odd that a supposedly "quality" car maker like Mercedes can actually bring down the quality of Chrysler, while Ford's merger with Jaguar has resulted in a tremendous IMPROVEMENT in the quality and reliability of Jaguar?

14th Dec 2006, 18:01

After trading my 1993 Gc for a 1999, I first noticed improvement in structural stiffness and overall quality. My experience with a BMW M5 left me perplex with rattles and body flex. Not to mention potholes to avoid for saving in tooth fillings. On the long run I prefer my outdated WJ over pretenders..

24th Jan 2008, 19:09

Man, are you crazy? Jeeps for the US market are manifactured in your beloved America - Detroit actually.

The best engine for the Jeeps is the Mercedes CDI diesel and you can check that info everywhere in the reviews made by professionals. You don't even have that engine in America...

So don't blame Mercedes on the poor quality of this great looking car...

14th Aug 2009, 17:23

I've had all the same problems as you and more. We just replaced our radiator, and have gone through multiple tail lights and replaced some air conditioner blower box thing. It is the worst vehicle I've ever owned.

9th Sep 2015, 01:26

Frankly I am shocked! I understand that the Jeep has a lot of recalls, but besides those aggravations my Limited has been very reliable. Granted, I bought it used; however, I keep the oil changed and I put high performance brakes on it because I do not baby it. I do not go off-roading with it, but I put the miles on it. I just took it to South Carolina (from Ohio) when my son graduated from Parris Island, and we had not one problem. Planning on driving it to California and towing my son's car behind it. There are problems with every vehicle brand; I am sorry about your experience.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from North America


Good looks, but a headache


Bad noisy brakes.

Bad axle.

Wind noise.

Check engine light on/off/on...

Gas mileage (11 MPG!).

General Comments:

I have a 2002 JDC Laredo with 57k on it.

The squeaking brake noise is driving me crazy. 7+ visit to the dealer, changed axles, machined rotors, still the same; the faster I drive, the louder the noise gets! And the insulation on this car is POOR! I have to turn the stereo way up not to be annoyed by the wind noise (and brake noise!).

On top of everything else, the gas mileage is 11 miles/gallon (and no I don't have a V8, it's a small engine 6 cylinder).

The bottom line: JGC has nothing but good looks, and it's not worth the headache...

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

12th Jan 2009, 19:00

You were only getting 11 MPG on a V6?! Sounds like you did a lot of city driving. That truck should get between 18-20 MPG. Look it up on fueleconomy.org. Also sounds like a fuel filter issue or some kind of fuel problem. You should get that looked at.