2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6 cylinder from North America


I guess it's a jeep thing?


In the last 10,000 miles;

I have had overheating problems. They replaced the thermostat, then a sensor. The sensor went again causing overheating. It ended up being a faulty radiator fan motor. Repairs were $600.

Engine wouldn't turn over one morning. No prior problem. Ended up being the crankshaft sensor. Cost to repair $300.

This Week, engine malfunction light suddenly came on, as did a rough idle. Diagnosed as electrical. Replaced coil pack, new plugs, etc. Cost to repair $494. Ten minutes later same problem. Scanned as P305, #5 cylinder. Still in shop.

I've owned the car for 15 months, and am averaging $100 a month in repairs,. I purchased this used 11k, I bought it outright. Didn't want to do payments. Looks like it has its own payment plan. Can't wait for my next repair bill.

General Comments:

It's roomy and the interior design for that is great. It's also more compact on the outside, so parking is a lot easier in tighter spaces than a lot of SUV's.

The rear seat fold down design is great, but to relower/reset the headrests, you smack you fingers on the tab.

The heat in the winter is great, but if you have it on too high, it will overheat the CD player. The CD player will actually display "HOT" and shut down.

The outer paint has held well, and the interior is quite durable. I really like the looks.

Gas mileage:even at 86k, I still get 19 highway. 14 highway/local.City driving is more like 10mpg.

This model handles really well, and in 4 wheel drive mode, especially in the northeast winters, there's not much concern regarding it's ability.

I guess my big complaint is all these sensor issues, they lead to major investigation analysis/repair time to pay for.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2008

27th Aug 2008, 19:32

I loved my 2002 Grand Cherokee until several months ago when the coolant started to disappear. Took it back to the dealership where I bought it. They ran it through looking for the problem, could not find it. They stated they did not know what the problem was, they actually could not figure it out.

Took it to 3 mechanics, none of them could figure out the problem. Was told to change the radiator cap, done. No help.

I am pumping a gallon of coolant each week in. Nothing on the garage floor, no ones knows where it is disappearing to.

I was thinking about trading this jeep for another, now I am re-thinking that. Don't know if I want another Jeep if the dealership cannot figure out what a problem is and solve it!

18th Feb 2012, 13:04

Probably either a cracked head, or bad head gasket, letting coolant into the engine. It won't show up on the garage floor, because it's in your oil pan.

2000-2001 heads in the 4.0 was a big problem in cracked heads. Google "0331 head".

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee from North America




Front right dash tweeter is blown. Does anyone recommend replacements at the 12positive website or is an infinity speaker from the dealer the way to go?

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Review Date: 1st November, 2007

10th Jul 2008, 19:58

The tweeters (yes, both) are blown on our 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited. I really don't want to blow $90 on a pair that will blow again. Perhaps someone knows of a good replacement that will fit into the dash?

9th Nov 2009, 15:09

Mine went too.. my husband ordered one from Chrysler because the wiring harness was perfect and would just slip in - he replaced it himself in just an hour or so. (He's not a mechanic, and it was his first) - $90 or so for the speaker, but no installation at least.

22nd Jan 2010, 20:22

2002 JGC. I replaced my tweeters with a set from a junked Chrysler LHS. They fit perfectly, but are bigger and seem to be better quality.

I just got this Jeep in June 09. So far had to replace passenger window regulator. Heated seats do not work and engine light comes on if I go down a steep hill. It will go off after 1 or 2 days. It looks great, but I am worried about having more trouble.